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What Kind of 7 Shoes to Wear In Snow

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Shoes to Wear In Snow

When you are going out in the snow, whether you are going to play or just to walk about, you need the right pair of shoes. You want to keep your feet warm and dry. At the same time, you want to stay stable on your feet. Regular dress shoes will not do, since they are not made for walking on the snow. Even a car does not perform very well on snow if it is fitted with regular tires. If you wear cloth, canvas and similar types of shoes, they are going to allow the snow to seep in and cause you a lot of discomfort.

The best kinds of shoes to wear in snow

1. Shoes made of leather or faux leather

Shows made of cowhide are perfect. This can be full grain or top grain leather. The two materials are perfect for snowshoes because they will keep the snow out of your feet. The same way that the skin on the cow does not let snow or water seep in is the same way that a pair of shoes or best men’s winter boots made with cowhide is going to keep you safe.

Full grain leather shoes are made with leather that is only mildly treated. You can spray such shoes with a weatherproofing product so that you can be doubly sure that they are water and snowproof.

Top grain leather shoes are not too bad either. It is only that the leather has been polished and sanded, making it weaker than the full grain leather, but they are also quite weatherproof. They will not let water or snow in.

Faux leather is imitation or artificial leather. To a casual glance and touch, this material feels like real leather in every way. It may not last long, but when a pair of faux leather shoes is new, it will keep you protected in snow.

2. Shoes with cozy lining for insulation

The best kind of shoes to wear in snow should keep you very warm. To achieve this, they have a fleece lining to lock in the warmth that your feet generate. A good lining traps the warmth and keeps it close to your skin. That way, the feet stay dry and warm, enabling you to spend a lot of time walking in snow. Do not make the mistake of wearing a pair of rain boots. These are designed to keep your feet dry rather than warm. In the snow, you need to keep dry and warm. If your shoes get wet from the snow, consider purchasing a shoe dryer so your boots are dried out for your next outdoor adventure.

3. Shoes with Good traction

Shoes to Wear In Snow

Walking in snow can be quite the balancing act for you if you do not have the right shoes. The kind of traction that you choose on your shoes depends o exactly what you are going to do on the snow. Rigid crampons are best on the snowshoes that you will wear for mountain climbing.

On the other hand, microspikes are perfect for walking on light ice and snow. If you just want regular boots that you can wear to the bus stop when going to work or school, just look for rubber soles and deep treads. Those are going to keep you stable on your feet in the snow.

4. Shoes made with Gore-Tex technology

If a pair of shoes has been designed with Gore-Tex technology, consider it a godsend. It means that you can keep your feet dry, warm and breathable, all the time without letting in snow and water. When your feet are enclosed in you boots all day long, they are going to sweat. You need a pair of shoes that will let the sweat out and at the same time, keep the water and snow out. So far, only Gore-Tex materials can be able to do this. While shoes made with this technology may cost more money, you will definitely get the best value for your money.  

5. Waterproofed shoes

Most shoes let in water through the seams. When people ask about what kind of shoes to wear in snow, they are advised to look for a pair that is waterproofed in on the seams. In its entirety, the shoes must be waterproof.

This is why you should wear leather shoes. For example, if you wear cloth shoes, they would soak up too much water from the snow, get heavier and keep your feet cold throughout the day. Most leather shoes can also be sprayed with a weatherproof product to make them snowproof.

Consider waterproof, rather than water resistant shoes. Water resistance is only up to a certain point of exposure and after that, it starts letting in water.

6. Shoes with ankle support

If you are going hiking in the snow, you need shoes with ankle support, especially for hiking on the trails with elevation gain. Snow boots will have ankle support already in the high shaft. If you buy shoes, they may not have this support. It is in the form of a shaft.

Find a pair of shoes that has a shaft extending beyond what the regular shoes come with. When walking a steep trail in the snow, you will be glad for this support. If you have weak ankles, get a pair of boots that reaches above your ankles. That should help stabilize you as you walk on the snow.

7. Shoes that are true-to-size

When you wear ill-fitting shoes, your feet could keep slipping inside the shoes as you walk. This could hamper your stability. Remember, even when you have the best shoes for walking on the snow, there is a small degree of instability to contend with. It can be worse if the shoes are ill-fitting.

Check whether the brand provides shoes that are true to size. If you wear shoe size number 42, it should be what they deliver to you. You may order a pair that is half or one size bigger since you may want to wear heavy merino socks to keep your feet warm.


You have seen what kind of shoes to wear in snow. Do not compromise on the quality of the shoes because of the price. It is better to pay more money and get more features than pay less for fewer features. The key elements to consider are warmth and dryness.


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Dave Alce
1 year ago

We need to choose some specific shoes for wearing on the snow. The 7 types of shoe here you mention is really well chosen. Do you have any blog about cleaning snowshoe?


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