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Malaysia: Weird Food You May Decline to Eat in Penang

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You have seen all weird food, particular meals in different articles pictures, etc. in your lifetime.  Sometimes you are tempted to try because these are easily considered to be “once-in-a-life-time” thing and we are full of curiosity! We want to know what it tastes like, yet we are terrified of what it may taste like. It may be way worse than what you have tasted in the past. It may be way more delicious than what you have tasted in the past. Either way is still terrifying to know! There’s plenty of that in Malaysia.

For me, I love to take any challenge or dare to try something that I know not many will have the guts to try. That’s part of who I am. I am proud of that.

Here’s a picture of me staring and feeling disgusted a bit at a feet chicken.


But I am more disgusted and shocked with my brother from one of our stupid conversation when we were younger. Let me tell you a short story.

“Trust me, I will eat everything, even a rat if you dare me to eat it!” I tell my little brother.

My brother backfires with, “I will eat shit.”

With that one, he have won the battle, but that is the first and last conversation-battler he has ever won against me. 

My little brothers will do anything to beat the oldest, but the oldest always wins. Agree, those who are first-child?

Now, let’s talk about what I’ve tasted in Malaysia. I eat them from the Food Street. At the flea market, it has been crowded and very packed, which is clearly a perfect spot for us to discover some weird foods!

Chicken Feet


It’s called chicken feet, yes; they are fried. I also find it to be useful for scratching itchy back 😉 Just joking.

I am in awe of how popular this chicken foot is in Malaysia. This is literally available everywhere. When you’re there, you’ll see those feet being eaten everywhere by Malaysians. It’s normal for them. It is abnormal for us! With that quite popular meal, duh me, it’s a must-try, so I gave it a try! After consuming a small amount of chicken feet, I immediately threw it away for two reasons. The first reason is, I am not fan of any bone meat. It’s just hassle way to get these bones out, but with this one it’s nearly impossible to get any bone out of it. The second reason is, it is barely to eat any good quality chicken meat out of it, feels like bones are taking over the entire chicken feet. Not worth it, my friend.

Fried Sardine


This one is called a fried sardine. You just take a raw sardine without peeling any skin, putting it in the fried. BAM HERE THE FINEST FRIED SARDINE IS.

In fact, I am not a fan of sardine. I thought it’d be cool to eat a fish that was not peeled off. It is a hundred percent of its whole fish being fried and expecting to be eaten, fully one.


I eat the only one fried sardine; I was little scared of what it will taste like. What I fear the most is biting on some bones or whatever it is inside that sardine. But I want a challenge, so I eat it in the end. It has quite interesting taste. It tasted like a normal fried fish that we usually eat over there in our country. No bones are tasted or bitten on. I eat the whole thing and I am amused of the taste. The only one thing I notice about this sardine is that its texture is like tiny balls being mushed together. Over million balls inside the sardine, still tasted like a fish anyway.

Fried Chempedak


These are fried chempedaks, well known as the fried fruit (tastes like an almond) in Penang.

Truthfully, there is not much to say about this one. What catches my attention? Fried fruit. In my country; I don’t see that kind of thing.. I may be mistaken, but or I’ve never seen one.

However, I eat the half of it. It was nothing special, tasted like an almond or cashew. There aren’t any flavors to it. I reckon maybe some sauce would make it more tasteful,but Without that flavor, it is dull to eat. It’s like eating a pancake without honey or maple syrup.

Highly recommended? Nah. If you want to give it a try for adding more experiences to your experience resume, go ahead!

Tea Eggs


Tea eggs are my favorite weird food out of all foods. It is so delicious to eat because of its flavor that egg has been marinated in. It is very salty, high-acid flavor, and easy to peel these shells off. I feel like I can just keep eating these eggs nonstop. Reminds me one of my favorite appetizers, Devil Eggs. Very flavorful! I love strong flavors, so let’s say I am biased here!

This Deaf boy who works at this booth explains that the eggs are boiled for 24 hours so eggs will be fully marinated with tea. 


Besides I am very pleased to discover there has been a deaf worker who is selling tea eggs! I have had a very short conversation with him, why? Is it because it is difficult to communicate with him? No let’s take a good look at the next gif.motherpisssy_penang

clearly, his mother hasn’t been happy that we have engage into a conversation.

That’s it. These meals are quite intriguing, definitely expanding the size of my knowledge in the food industry. Perhaps I should sell chicken feet when I come back to the United States, you better buy many chicken feet from me! 😉

One more thing… Here’s a challenge for you. Can you guess what this meat is? I’ll let you comment on my article and I’ll reply you if you’re right or not =)

Other than just food, lifestyle in Malaysia is just great, check out Adam’s life of living in Malaysia here.


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6 years ago


By the way, I love your posts. They’re very informative and entertaining. Cheers! =)

3 years ago

Gizzrd a birds stomach, awesome, going to try this in Penang next week.

1 year ago

Hi Calvin. About fried cempedak, we don’t eat the seeds (ok, some people do, but not me). It’s about the flesh of the cempedak fruit which is sweet and tangy. Hmmm… It’s not supposed to be tasteless (well, the seed is tasteless). Some people avoided it due to it’s pungent smell. I love it though.

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