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#bunk, the Coolest Hostel in Istanbul, Turkey

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Turkey: #bunk, the Coolest Hostel in Istanbul
Want to find a clean and modern boutique hostel where you can tweet pictures or take Instagram selfies in Istanbul, Turkey? #bunk Hostels surely know their stuff! They know that guests cannot miss the hashtag and it cannot be misused nor misspelled! They owned up to their brand because they also know that guests too will want to tweet pictures of the clean and modern dorm rooms and take Instagram selfies around the hostels with the hashtag.

I was coming to Istanbul for the XVII World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) to meet and network with Deaf people from all over the world. Coming across #bunk was kind of a fate for me because I found out that the hostel was going to be a one of these “Deaf centers” in the Taksim area  for most young Deaf travelers through a friend of mine just moments after they agreed to offer us complimentary nights on a bed throughout my entire stay in Istanbul.

Turkey: #bunk, the Coolest Hostel in Istanbul

Absolutely no regrets staying at this hostel because I couldn’t have asked for a better place. Deaf people from all over the world actually filled up the most of the hostel and most of them were around my age. I definitely had fun staying at this hostel.

Staying in the Taksim hostel for wasn’t the end of it because when I was done with my adventures in other parts of Turkey after my time in Istanbul, I was also very fortunate to be accommodated at their Beyoglu hostel located around 2km south of the Taksim hostel for a night before I headed out to Romania via Eurail train. They might be smaller but they’re just as good as the Taksim hostel, I’m telling you.

The Hostel (Taksim)

#bunk is located in a fully restored 100 year old building. The design is minimalistic, done on grey, black, white and a splash of red. I was blown away by the design when I first came in the hostel because I underestimated this hostel because it was a hostel. This hostel could pass as 5-star hotel or something! This is one of nicest and coolest hostels I’ve been to.

Turkey: #bunk, the Coolest Hostel in Istanbul

Not only that, they’re quite accessible! They make their hostel as accessible as possible to people with disabilities, especially those who are handicapped on wheelchair. They have elevator, a small one though.

This is a brand new hostel only 5 mins walk from the tram link at the Taksim square. In this area, you would be able to find tram links to the old city, metro stations and coach stops connecting both major airports. Other sites such as Grand Bazar, Spice Markets, Royal Palace & The Blue Mosque are all easy located by the metro system.

Also, there are many shops old and new as well as trendy cafes, restaurants and nightlife nearby. This hostel could not be in a more ideal location!

Turkey: #bunk, the Coolest Hostel in Istanbul

Taksim is the centre of business shoppiing, theatre and entertainment and it’s famous square is commonly regarded as the heart of Istanbul. However, #bunk brought their game because I think Istanbul is one of the coolest cities I’ve been to, so it makes sense that this newish property would be a reflection of the city—yeah, they just opened it up a little over a year ago (opened in May 2016). Therefore, they’re actually as cool as they say on their site, “Coolest Hostel in Town”!

Hospitality and Facilities

I couldn’t have asked for a better hospitality from their lovely, friendly and welcoming staff. My arrival was convenient and smooth. I could see that the staff are thorough and well-communicated with each other because the staff didn’t have to check in with anyone to confirm my complimentary stay. They were delighted to see me and showed me to my bed in one of their 6-bed dorm on the third floor.

Turkey: #bunk, the Coolest Hostel in Istanbul

They’re helpful with many other things as well. They have no curfew, so the staff are on hand 24 hours a day to answer all of your questions. They got a tour desk that works with and most economical tour operators in town. They can give you all the advice you need to make every minute of your trip in Istanbul fun, cultural and interesting.

Turkey: #bunk, the Coolest Hostel in Istanbul

Public computers are available on the ground floor near the reception, so you can always use it to catch up your emails and news.

Housekeeping, or shall I say bunkkeeping, is probably one of their best thing because I felt like it was impossible for me to find a dirt spot in this hostel. They kept public and private bathrooms and showers as clean as possible. They have full time cleaners to keep the hostel spotless at all times.

They also have washers an dryers onside which are great if you need to catch up on laundry. Tokens available at reception.

Activities are offered and guided by the staff as well. They have different exercising activities around  the city like walking, running, or biking around the city.

Turkey: #bunk, the Coolest Hostel in Istanbul

What really makes this hostel special is that they got great atmosphere, food and stunning views of the city in the rooftop bar. The hostel’s rooftop bar is an excellent place to start or end the night, with affordable drinks and food and large tables, making it easy to meet new people. They got happy hours with great deals daily.

The Dorm

I stayed at this hostel for four days and I was ultimately impressed with the beds and security in the dorms. I honestly did underestimate this hostel because the dorm bunks are sleek, uncluttered and efficient.

Turkey: #bunk, the Coolest Hostel in Istanbul

Each bunk is equipped with 2 shelves, 2 power outlets and a reading light. That is probably the best part because I always get skeptical about leaving my phone on other part of dorm room to recharge overnight. I felt secured that I could keep my phone with me overnight on my bunk.

Not only that, you will find a secure pin-operated locker right by your bunk. I think that’s my favorite part because it’s pretty high tech comparing to many other hostels I’ve been to. Their lockers don’t always come secured. Sometimes, I’d have to use my own lock to lock my own locker. This one is actually worry-free for me. The locker was big enough for me to fit in both of my backpacks, which made it a safer place.

Although bedrooms are small, beds are comfortable and daily cleaned. I slept like a baby, and I think that said a lot. Besides, I was given a clean towel every day.

Turkey: #bunk, the Coolest Hostel in Istanbul

There are shared bathrooms on each floor with showers, sinks and toilets. Showers, sinks and toilets are very modern and clean. The showers run well and strong. There were plenty stalls and showers for everybody as they say they could accommodate 100 people there. The hostel was packed full and the showers never had a waiting line.

Besides all that, free WIFI is included as well. The speed was good enough for surfing the Internet but it might be too slow for video chat at times.


You can get a buffet breakfast on the roof top. Truthfully, there is no need to say how awesome it is. You can’t enjoy a better view in the morning than this rooftop.

Turkey: #bunk, the Coolest Hostel in Istanbul

My jaws actually dropped when I saw their buffet offering a choice of coffee, tea, milk, fruit juice, different kinds of bread, cake, cereals, omelette with some vegetables, sausages, other pastry, honey, yogurt, different kinds of fruit etc.

Turkey: #bunk, the Coolest Hostel in Istanbul

They were top-notch to me and they surely had tasty qualities that I enjoyed!

Brief Review: Beyoglu

I only stayed here for a night but to sum it all up, this hostel pretty much offered the same thing as I have mentioned about Taksim hostel.

The only difference is that Beyoglu is considered one of the liveliest and most bohemian districts. It’s a one-floor hostel in a building and the place is located in the heart of Istanbul where you will find Istanbul’s most eclectic and chic bars, restaurants, cafés and shops. It is also surrounded by foreign embassies and considered a very secure location that is also gay and lesbian friendly.

I personally would give this hostel 5-star rating but I still preferred my stay at the Taksim because of their space and excellent food. Taksim’s hostel’s breakfast buffet on rooftop really won me over.

My Final Thoughts

It was like they actually put their effort to think of all possible things that travelers would love to have at a hostel after traveling for a period of time. Seriously, it feels like they didn’t miss a spot and they hit right spots of what travelers would love to get from a hostel with a great value!

If you ever plan to go in Istanbul, Bunk Hostel is a must go for everyone who enjoys resting their eyes in architecture and interior designs. I would stay here anytime I visited Turkey again.

Turkey: #bunk, the Coolest Hostel in Istanbul

#bunk Hostels

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