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Top 13 Reasons Why You Must Visit Malta!

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Malta is a country (composed of islands) located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is around 80 km (50 miles) south of Sicily, Italy. If you were to literally drive across the island from the south coastline to the north coastline, it will only take you about 45 minutes to complete the drive. That is to show how small Malta is.

Malta is well known as a historic country that constitutes of 7,000 years of history that includes prehistoric temples and stunning architecture built during ancient heritages. The stunning island also provides great diving spots, beautiful hidden coves to be explored, and many more interesting features. You will see that the buildings everywhere on the island is mostly white colored.

From my understanding, Malta experiences great climate during all year around, possesses very low crime rate, and there are friendly locals who are thrilled to help you or provide you with some amazing food dishes! Malta is known to have great restaurants and nightclub scenes as well.

Let’s focus on what Malta has to offer you!


1. Heart of Maltese island: Mdina

  • Mdina is known for being a notable city where anyone can enjoy walking through. It holds history that goes far back to more than 4,000 years ago! The silent city is known to be beyond beautiful and being fascinating for its timeless atmosphere as well as being rich with its cultural and religious sites. This city claims to be the origins of Christianity in Malta!



2. Film productions on the islands of Malta

  • Maltese islands offer great countless spots for film productions. Films that were produced here include Popeye village, Game of Thrones, Odyssey, Clash of The Titans, 13 hours, as well as many more. You will probably recognize some sites. If you’re a big fan of movies, then you should visit the islands so that you can get a taste a part of these cinematic experiences!


Source: Tripadvisor

3. Create a selfie photo at the most famous photographic location

  • There is a limestone natural arch on Gozo island. It is a quite popular destination because it is an excellent location for a combination of swimming, scuba diving, and boating. Its reputation precedes itself as being famous for several features in films such as Clash of the Titans, Odyssey, Game of Thrones, and many more.


4. Blue Lagoon in the region of Comino Island

  • Blue Lagoon is located between Malta and Gozo. It is easily one of the most popular tourist spots of Malta. It is beyond beautiful down below the surface of the crystal clear blue water. In optimal light settings, you could see through the surface of the water all the way to the sandy bottom and it would not matter how deep it is. The blue waters are ideal for photographers.

Sliema Seafront

5. View of Valletta from Sliema Seafront

  • To a photographer, Sliema seafront maintains a special spot because of its ocean, city, and colors that reflect off how beautiful Malta is. Best times to visit there is during a sunset or sunrise.


6. 359 churches across the islands of Malta

  • Local Maltese are strongly in favor of being religious. They take religion seriously and an example of their belief is just enough to abolish abortion and there are countless churches, literally, everywhere! With the high recommendation, you should visit Mosta as it has one of the largest domes in the world, it is currently the world’s third largest dome!


Source: LivingInMalta

7. Maltese traditional food

  • It’s important for you to try their traditional food that includes Maltese bread, Apple pastizzi or some nutella flavors, rabbit stews, and wine! These food display strong Sicilian and English influences while including some from other countries such as Spain, France etc. The traditional Maltese stewed rabbit (fenek) is regarded as the national dish so it is encouraged for tasting.


8. Fish market at Marsaxlokk

  • Marsaxlokk is a traditional fishing village, the reputation of the Marsaxlokk market is very good, you are able to easily shop for countless fishes including those at the street market. What would make it special? The colorful boats that are painted in blue, red, yellow. There is always a beautiful eye painted on the boats due to their belief that the eye will protect them from dangers of the sea.


9. The Capital of Maltese Island

  • Valletta is a gorgeous place where you can really enjoy while wandering and being lost within the city. It has numerous great restaurants, drinks, clothes, etc. You can also check out the Palace armory which is Malta’s first public museum. It contains a collection of arms. It is the only last arsenal to be established by a crusader military order.

Megalithic Temples


10. Malta’s megalithic temples

  • Malta is full of ancient buildings with many of them being UNESCO world heritages sites; Ggantiga temples, Hagar Qim, Mnajdra, Ta Hagrat temples, Skorba Temple, Tarxien, etc. If you’re fascinated with history, you will enjoy these sites as some are older than the Pyramids of Egypt.


11. Many countless scuba diving spots around Malta and Gozo

  • One of most ideal spots for scuba diving is located around Malta. There are several articles that confirm the Maltese island has one of the best diving sites in the world. As being a diver who just experienced that, I can provide confirmation that there are countless shipwrecks and coral reefs under the waters to be explored!
  • I highly recommend a great scuba company, Dive Systems Malta, they are superb at treating and preparing their scuba customers well. With my experience, they’ve communicated with me effectively and made sure that I get to enjoy myself in the sea! I definitely did with their tour – Tugboat number 2.

Popeye Village

12. Popeye Village

  • This village was named after the 1980 Musical Film of Popeye because it was used as a film set for the same film.  It is also known as Sweethaven village. The beautiful and colorful houses are part of the village’s pride as much as how they respect Robin Williams, who is the main actor of the mentioned film, by providing a wealth of information on how this Popeye Village was built. It is highly recommended as it is very interesting for visitors to explore.


13. Scenic view of Blue Grotto

  • The scenic view of Blue Grotto is known to have the combination of different shades of blue under the magical sunlight. The brilliant phosphorescent colors of the underwater flora can be observed in the mirror of the caverns during the nighttime.

I hope this has helped you learn about why Malta should be one of your destinations when you are wanting to travel somewhere exotic and beautiful.  Despite that it may be a small island and be being almost unheard of, it is a very popular site for many film productions or being a holiday destination for many Europeans.

Here are my thoughts of my stay during my visit to Malta.

Juliani Hotel

Hotel Juliani that I stayed at is a beautiful hotel, known for winning numerous hotel awards and was just named as part of a hall of fame. Hotel Juliani is located from beautiful Spinola Bay with many great nearby restaurants. My most memorable part of the visit is having a great view of the sea and the city from this hotel. The ocean smell was so remarkable. The accommodation was beyond comfortable and the hotel itself was very stylish. The friendly staff wanted to make sure that I felt welcome like I am part of their family.


They were generous enough to offer from their restaurant “Zest Restaurant” , we were able to order off of a fancy menu to combine the complex and unique food.  As a reward, the selection blew me away! We had a great selection of wine as well. I, once again, find it important for me to mention the amazing ocean view! Overall I found that it was an amazing experience and I give this restaurant 5 stars.

If you are going to visit Malta during its high peak season, there is another option you can make to reserve your room with Hotel Valentina to experience the gorgeousness.

I want to share the appreciation of how Lufthansa had treated me as being their partner.

In this offered agreement, Lufthansa was to provide a round trip from Dallas to Frankfurt which would include a short round trip flight to visit Malta. It was the #LHCityOfTheMonth campaign I got involved with. However, I was excited to accept this wonderful offer of being sponsored by an esteemed airline business that is well known for employing flight attendants who always provide amazing services that met all my needs and desires. Not only that, I’ve experienced flights under Lufthansa and they were able to provide excellent selections of films that include subtitles that met my needs as a deaf person! As you would read this article and notice that I am a proud Deaf traveler, it is an unfathomable experience to be flying while there are films lacking subtitles for the long hours of flight so I am very grateful for how Lufthansa has treated me!

I was provided a premium economy seat with ample of space and a decent meal for my enjoyment during the flight that lasted ten hours.  My flight departed from Dallas at around 4 pm, I was comfortable in my seat and felt content as I enjoyed watching the films while being satisfied as I was well fed. Overall the flight was one amazing ride for me! I will definitely take a ride with them whether I am sponsored or not!

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