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Things to Consider When Renting a Party Bus for Your Birthday

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Is your birthday just around the corner? Are you having trouble trying to think of fun things to do on your special day? Celebrate your birthday in style. Renting a party bus whether you turn 18 or 80 will be a great way to experience the charming southern city of Savannah, Georgia. Bring along your close friends and family and party from one spot to another conveniently. 

A party bus can serve as a safe shuttle service, or a vehicle to take you around town with the people you love fitted with a party theme that best fits your personality. The features inside a party bus will depend on the company you hire. Your ride can arrive with disco lights, or even a bus with a bar, complete with mini-fridges, glassware, and loudspeakers. 

Discover all the city of Savannah has to offer on your special day by searching for “cheap party bus rentals near me” to explore the coastal town which has a reputation as being among the world’s friendliest cities. Party bus rentals come in all shapes and sizes, ranging in varying seating capacities. Some birthday party buses or limousines can accommodate from 12 to 50 passengers at a time. Celebrate your birthday with a city tour or night-time bar crawl with friends. Having your own private party bus will save you from the hassle of renting multiple vehicles and worrying about how to get your guests in one place at the same time.

Make sure you know what you are paying for, and request for photos of the inside and outside of the exact party bus that you plan to hire.  Ask for a written contract that details the fees and services included with the deal.

In order to have an extraordinary birthday, we have listed below helpful tips to consider when hiring a party bus rental.
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Organize and research
Party buses can be in high demand if there is a popular festival, concert, sporting event or holiday that will occur at the same time as your birthday. It is recommended to plan at least a month in advance of your birthday for better availability. You will also have the opportunity to select with ease a party bus that offers the amenities that you want. Look for a party bus service within your budget that offers the best deal and services. If it means saving a few dollars, do not choose low rates over safety. This is not worth the risk, so it is essential to research the company thoroughly before making any final decisions. Look for existing reviews from satisfied customers.

Size matters
For your birthday you will need to know how many people will be attending. The quantity of people who can ride a party bus is always restricted to the maximum capacity of the vehicle. This is very important because it is not safe to have more people on board than is legally permitted. Abiding and using the party bus with the right capacity will ensure a comfortable experience for all involved. Most importantly, your party bus will be operating legally and safely. Make it a point to know your exact number of guests before you proceed with the booking.

Timing is key
Renting a party bus for your birthday may require multiple stops or destinations. It is very important to plan accordingly and know the total length of time you will require to rent the vehicle. Know the rules of the company and their guidelines and rates for extending time. Some allow 30 to 90-minute extensions. When you plan your party, always consider more time than less. Your group may be having fun and do not want to leave just yet. No one wants to feel rushed. Make sure you coordinate your planned route around the city so the party bus rental can offer you the best deal.

Know the rates
The larger the group, the more cost-effective it will be to rent a party bus. Many people rent party buses as a group and split the costs. Make sure you have a complete grasp of the entire cost to help make everyone involved contribute fairly. If you are paying for your own birthday party, you should know the exact hourly rates and ask about additional taxes, services or overtime fees. By planning ahead and being aware of all the costs, this will prevent any untoward arguments or misunderstandings with the party bus management and the people in your entourage.

Follow the rules
Party bus rental companies have certain guidelines that need to be followed while onboard to ensure the maintenance and quality of their services. Since it involves vehicles, don’t smoke or consume messy foods that can leave a bad odor or do anything untoward that can damage the interior of the buses. The state law also does not permit minors to consume alcohol inside a limousine or a party bus rental. Drugs present or found at the time of the trip, or any passenger highly intoxicated can lead the company as required by law to terminate the journey without providing a refund or your security deposit back.

If you are renting a party bus as a group of adults, there is a high chance that alcoholic beverages will be consumed. Hire a licensed party bus company in Savannah that can operate and are in compliance with the law. The vehicle should possess valid commercial liability insurance that can allow your group to legally consume alcohol on board. Have fun but be responsible and aware of your surroundings. Make sure there is a designated driver who can take you to each destination on your itinerary safely.

In closing, there is a lot to consider when organizing your birthday party and hiring the services of a party bus rental, but planning a few things ahead can make the occasion a smoother and more memorable experience.

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