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Sky Experience Adventure – Theme Park on Rooftop of Hotel

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Wanna become a certified Sky adventurer? Then the Sky Experience Adventure on the top of the highest hotel tower in the Philippines is the best way to test and overcome your fear of heights!

Crown Regency Hotel and Towers Cebu is a 38-story hotel tower with a height-defying amusement facility located right in the heart of Cebu.


Sky Experience Adventure in offers extreme activities like taking a stroll on their Skywalk Extreme, by simply sitting secured in their Edge Coaster, or riding their Tower Zip.

Besides, they do offer different kinds of entertainment like 6D movies, Backlight Mini-golf and Vivo Playroom. You can also charming view of the city in the viewing deck while having some refreshments on the Sky Bar.

If you are going to visit Cebu and you’re the type of person who loves getting your adrenaline rush, this is something that you shouldn’t miss while you’re in the city.

Getting to Cebu from Donsol

After scuba diving at the Manta Bowl and swimming with whale sharks in Donsol, I decided to head out to Cebu via boat.

From Donsol, I took a jeepney for 20 PHP (~$0.45 US Dollar) to the town of Pilar and caught a boat to Masbate City. It was Friday, April 24th at the time.

In Pilar, there are daily boats going to Masbate leaving at 5am, 8 am, 12pm and 4pm. Fares would cost you 360 PHP (~$8 US Dollars)


I took the last boat to Masbate that lasted around 2 hours and I arrived in Masbate just to find that all of the affordable hostels and hotels I could find were booked. I ended up being stranded alone in Masbate for 24 hours, pretty much.

In the meanwhile, I stayed up all night a 24/7 cafe working on this blog and chatting with co-owner, John Hathaway II as it was daytime in America and he was up. He also helped out arranging and looked up schedules to make sure I would catch the right ferry to Cebu.

There is a 10-hour ferry that goes to Cebu from Masbate every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 6pm. The trip will be overnight. There are several classes in the ferry:

  • Second Class: 480 PHP
  • Tourist Class: 883 PHP
  • Cabin:1,390 PHP
  • Presidential Suite: 1,719 PHP

All fares are per person and they do not include taxes.

I finally arrived in Cebu on Saturday, April 25th.

Staying at TR3ATS Guesthouse

TR3ATS Guesthouse was my main accommodation as they were sponsoring my stay in Cebu City.

There’s not much to tell about this place and it’s not exactly the best hostel to be frank with you. I was a bit disappointed. I stayed in a dorm with bunk beds. A dorm room would fit six people. The beds in the dorm were just too damn small. I’d say I’m lucky to be short (5’8″), but I still hanged my feet out of the bed. I’m glad I’m not as tall as Shaq is. He’s 7’1″. I pity him.


The bathroom setup isn’t the best but everything still worked perfectly and was easy enough to use. It’s clean enough, but that’s it.

Also, complimentarily breakfast was included.

Lastly, their hospitality and customer service weren’t impressive. They weren’t very helpful in general. Not the best people to work with.

With the Sky Adventure Experience being less than a mile away, I’d say that’s probably the most positive thing about the hostel.

Personally, I wouldn’t stay here again if I visited Cebu again.

Taking My Sky Experience Adventure to the Extreme

I was lucky that I got connected to a few Deaf locals in Cebu through a friend of mine who hosted me in Manila. So, I met three of them the first thing in the morning. One of them was a trans female and she had a car. She took her two friends and me to the city in her car.


After a while of exploring the city in the morning, I told my friends about the Sky Adventure Experience that I learned about through my online researches. They were puzzled about as if they didn’t about it at first, but picked up on it after I described the tower and the amusement ride on the roof.

Apparently, they had gone there and they didn’t think it was that great although it gave them some adrenaline rush.


I insisted on going anyways and they were cool about it. We all headed out to to Crown Regency Hotel and Towers Cebu

Before I continue, all I can say about my first impression of this hotel when I first went in their first floor lobby is that it is fancy. Look up their website and you’ll see why.

All of us went up the hotel tower together, but my friends stayed in the lobby as I went on the rides.


I took the elevator to the 19th floor as the front desk receptionist of the hotel tower told us to head to there to inquire about the rates.

Instead of inquiring about the rates, I talked with their manager about sponsoring the expense of the rides for a review in a blog post. They agreed to it. Excellent.


Up we go to the 37th floor where they had a snack bar and souvenir/gifts shop along with a bunch of orange jumpsuits being hanged on a rack. People were already there riding. It was fun watching some of ’em.

I went with Sky Extreme Adventure Combo #3. It was a package composed of three ride: Edge Coaster, Sky Walk and Tower Zip. For more information on rates and schedule, please go to this page on their official website.

Edge Coaster

Known as the world’s very first and only amusement ride of its kind, The Edge Coaster is by far the craziest, adrenaline pumping experience. You have no idea how hard my heart was pumping after finishing the ride.

This is a 10-minute motorized coaster ride around the edge of the building so you can get a nice view of the city in all angles.


First, I was directed around the edge of the building high above at the 38th floor of the tower and strapped into a two-seat coaster. It came with a button that tilt the coaster where you’ll find yourself facing the ground. I could  control how far my seat would tilt. Backward if you had been afraid of heights and just wanted to enjoy the spectacular view of the city or forward if you had been as tough as I were.

They had an attendant ride with me and he tilted it 90 degrees as soon as we started the ride.

Okay, I exaggerated… It was only 55 degrees.

From here, I could see all the 38 floors and the busy streets of the city below us! It was so beautiful being able to see the entire city along with the ocean where ferries were docked.

The most frightening thing on my mind was the idea of the possibility that the metal lock will malfunction and cause you to slip down to your death. My hands were gripping the metal bars and my feet were dangling in the air. I was holding on for my dear life. Actually, I had a GoPro camera mounted on GoPole in one of my hands.


My hands were dripping with seat especially when we tilted our cart and as if I will fall off from my seat. Adrenaline began rushing through me and my heart was pumping so hard.

For the whole ride, I didn’t tilt it back all. What a ride!

Sky Walk Extreme

The Sky Walk Extreme is widely known to be the 4th in the world and first in the Philippines. In this activity will walk around the transparent glass platform on the edge of the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers’ 37th floor which is about 126 meters above ground. You’ll be able to see an amazing 360 degrees view of the city. Sounds awesome, huh?

Besides, the platform can hold up to 5,000 pounds.


First, I was strapped in a harness securely. Very securely. Even if you fall off, which is not likely to happen, you’re not going down. You’ll just hang there for a while.

They really ensure safety of the visitors and they had a guide walk with me.

As I got on the platform, I was hooked to a steel cable above me. The hook would slid on the rope along with me as I walk around the full circle of the platform.G3827150

The Walk took me around 15 minutes to finish and it felt like walking above the clouds with a spectacle from the breath-taking view of the city. Most of the time I made baby steps. I just wanted to take the time to let the adrenaline get to me and enjoy the view.

BeyDCIM106GOPROond thrilling for me.

Tower Zip

The Tower Zip is known as the first urban zip line in the world that allows you to leave a building 473 feet in the air from the 2nd floor of The Sky Extreme Adventure and the land on the roof of a different building 250 feet away.  Not only that, it’s the first zip line in the world to use this fully automatic braking system, allowing the rider to experience a smooth and controlled stop.



I’ve glided on the zipline over two desert lakes in Jodhpur, India and did you think I would just sit and zip down like I did last time?

No. I did something different for this one. I decided to ride down the zipline UPSIDE DOWN, Spiderman position! The scary part of the zip was to let your foot off the ground and depend on the two pieces of cable to hold your life. The ride was so short that I was already at the other building before I could even scream out of excitement.


On another note: I got to admit that it was kind of a mistake for me to do it in the Spiderman position because when I was doing that, the only thing I could see was the sky not the city. I couldn’t really see the city below from my behind. I had to try turning my head like an owl, but I could only see tidbits of the city. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the ride and I reminded myself that I had plenty of good view of the city while doing other two rides.


Here are few tips here

  • An official photographer will be taking the pictures for 150 PHP each. Be sure to bring some extra cash if you want to purchase photographs from them.
  • All gadgets or personal stuff are not allowed in the activity area, so be prepared to deposit 300 PHP for the locker if needed.
  • Only Rubber shoes and sandals that have strap are allowed in the activity. If you came in with flip-flops, shoes can be borrowed for free.
  • If I had to pick out a favorite ride, it’d be the Edge Coaster because I haven’t experienced something as extreme as this before. In general, I do not have fear of height, but it was thrilling for me. I loved the view of the city as I circled the edge.

Overall, you’ll be swept away by pure pleasure of a thrilling adrenaline. Well, I’m now a certified Sky adventurer! =P

The Sky Experience Adventure

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sky Adventure Experience and TR3ATS Guesthouse. I received a free combo of three rides and a separate lodging accommodations in exchange of this blog review. All opinions are my own.

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