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Prevent Motorcycle Accidents While Traveling With These Useful Tips

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The awesomeness of motorcycles is undisputed. They’re fun, fast, and fuel-efficient. However, there is, in addition, the risk of riding a motorcycle. It’s a proven fact that a crash involving a motorcycle is more likely to result in a fatality than one involving a car. There are plenty of motorcycle riders who can ride without incident and stay safe on their bikes, but their success is primarily attributed to following basic motorcycle safety measures. To ensure your rides are safe, here are a few tips to prevent accidents.

Motorcycle Accidents

Gear Up

While no laws prohibit you from wearing shorts when riding a motorcycle, it is ill-advised to do so. In a similar light, attorneys at strongly advise that you understand the laws guiding safe riding in your state to avoid legal complications. The first thing you should consider when getting on your bike isn’t how cool you look. Whatever the weather outside may be, shorts, a T-shirt, and sandals are not appropriate riding clothing. If you slip, even jeans will only provide minimal impact protection. You should opt for extreme protection with materials like leather or reinforced jackets, pants, and boots. Eyewear such as glasses and goggles are compulsory if you use an open-faced helmet, and to keep your hands protected, you should always wear riding gloves. For warmer weather, there is a specially designed gear intended to provide suitable ventilation and cooling. It should go without saying, do not ever ride without a DOT-approved helmet.

Eyes On The Road

Keeping an eye on the road is imperative for motorcyclists. Whenever possible, go into curves with caution; be conscious of gravel or other road conditions that may cause instability. It is good to be cautious when crossing railway tracks since the paint can be slippery; the same applies to white lines at stoplights. There is a reason why mirrors exist, but you cannot rely solely on them to keep an eye on what is happening around you. Keeping your head in the game means you need to be aware of your surroundings and where you are with others. Expert riders know to keep their heads up and their eyes open while rounding corners and looking over their shoulder when changing lanes to be safe. Also, you will be able to gauge whether the drivers around you are paying attention.

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Stay In Your Comfort Zone

Be confident in your abilities and ensure that neither your riding route nor motorcycle is more than you can adequately handle. Your bike should fit you. Ensure that your feet can rest flat on the ground when you sit on your motorcycle. You should not tiptoe. Additionally, if the bike feels too heavy, then it probably is. Getting on and off your motorcycle shouldn’t be difficult, and you should be able to reach the handlebars and controls easily. Knowing your route better will help you focus on safety instead of making sure you don’t miss a turn. You should also not push yourself too hard if you’re riding with a group. Never ride at their comfort level; always ride at yours.

Inspect Your Bike

Do a quick check of your bike before heading out. Checking tire pressure, mirrors, and lights every time you get on your motorcycle is the most important thing you can do. It will give you an idea of anything that may pose a mechanical risk, such as loose bolts or leaks. Regular care and maintenance are also necessary. Keep all recommended regular maintenance up to date, whether it is oil changes, chain, suspension adjustments, or brake pad and tire wear, don’t delay fixing something that needs attention.

Watch The Weather

The apparent reason is that bikes are less stable than cars, and they are much riskier to ride in the rain. Having two wheels for traction is half the force of using four as with a car. Plus, you will not be able to see clearly without windshield wipers. Furthermore, riding through heavy rain can be an unpleasant experience as you’ll get soaked and cold. Ensure you check the weather before going for a ride and master tips for riding in different weather conditions. Keep the bike at home during heavy rain, snow, and ice. If riding in the rain is necessary, the ride should not occur immediately after the storm begins. In the event of rain, the road becomes very slippery. Make sure to drive slowly and leave plenty of room for stopping. If the weather begins to deteriorate, pull over, find a place to stay, turn off the engine and wait.

Lastly, motorcycles are often treated as second-class citizens on the road. As a rider, you can make a difference. Be considerate of your surroundings and be aware of the fact that you represent all motorcycle riders. Remember not to let the urge to retaliate or prove a point overpower your better judgment – it will only take away the joy you’d otherwise experience by riding in the first place. In the end, it boils down to this: wear the right gear, understand your bike, and master your abilities. You can’t control everything in your environment, but you can control how you react.

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