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Planning To Buy A Paddleboard? Here’s What To Keep In Mind

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Planning To Buy A Paddleboard? Here’s What To Keep In Mind

kayak at lake SUP(Stand Up Paddle Boarding) is a fast-growing sport. It’s a combination of surfing and kayaking, it involves you standing on a surfboard and using a paddle to push yourself forward. More so, It’s a sport loved by a lot of people, not only is it a fun sport, it’s great for working out whether you plan on going paddling with friends, family, or pets. My guess is you plan on buying a paddleboard, if so, there are lots of options you can choose from, even more so there are things you should also consider when you plan on buying a paddleboard.  These things could include anything from the price, the type that suits you, quality, size and shape of the board, etc. Most importantly you should buy a board that suits you and you enjoy using. Going forward here are the basic things you should keep in mind if you want to buy a paddleboard; 

Keep In Mind That There Are Different Kinds Of Paddleboards And You Should Purchase The One That Suits You. 

When buying a paddleboard, you should buy one that suits you your need, there are lots of affordable options out there and each paddleboard has its use, here are the basic types of paddleboards out there; 
  • Flatwater Paddleboards.
This kind of board is used mostly in flat-water and open oceans. They are typically long and have a pointed nose. It has a round slide that enables gliding easily. They are also wide, and this makes them good for beginners to use easily. Also, there is a race board, which is a type of flat-water board – a race water board is narrower than a flat-water board, and this enables increased speed when in use, more so, it’s hard for beginners to use this board. 
  • All-round paddleboards.
An all-round paddleboard is usually long, thick, and wide, it’s called an all-round board because it’s a multi-purpose board, it’s a perfect fit for those who plan on paddling for the first time. The wideness of this board makes gliding easy, whether it’s on flat water or open ocean water. Some all-around boards have a windsurf option – a place to fit your foot is usually placed on the deck of the board, so a windsurf sailing rig can be fixed. 
  • Surf paddleboards. 
Surf paddle boards are usually smaller than all-round and flatwater paddleboards. They have a thin nose and tail. Surf paddle boards are perfect for surf, they aren’t as fast as an all-around and flatwater paddleboard. Other types of paddleboards include – yoga paddleboards, fishing paddle boards, and high-performance/racing paddleboards. 


It’s good you go for a board that’s stable enough for you to use, and by stable I mean a board you can stand and paddle on easily. The stability of a board is dependent on three basic things; its width, length, and volume. In other words, the wider, longer, and more volume your board has, the more comfortable it is for you to stand on and paddle. So it’s good you opt for a more stable board if you’re a beginner and if you plan on paddling with your dog or a lot of gear.  mountain lake

Hull Types

The board of a paddleboard is usually called a hull, the hull of a paddleboard determines how well the board performs on water, the two major hull types are displacement and planing hull. 
  • Planing hull board
A planing hull board is usually flat and wide, they have a rounded nose, and it’s designed to easily maneuver in the water and yet still feel comfortable. A planing hull is great for all-round paddling, flatwater paddling, leisure paddling, and SUP yoga.
  • Displacement hull board
A displacement hull board usually has a pointed nose and their nose enables a smooth ride on the water, it’s hard to maneuver with a displacement board, in contrast to a planing hull board. A displacement board can usually go a long distance and is a great choice for long-distance paddling, fitness paddling, and slip racing. 

The Construction Of The Paddleboard

A paddleboard is constructed in three ways, and choosing the right construction is based on the one that suits or fits your needs. A usual paddleboard has three types of construction: soft top, inflatables, and epoxy. 
  • Soft top paddleboards
Soft top paddle boards are cheap and are a great choice for people who live close to the beach, bay, or lake. Soft top paddleboards require large storage space. 
  • Epoxy paddleboard
An epoxy paddleboard is a considerable choice when you desire performance, they’re big and also require a large storage space just like a soft top paddleboard. It’s also easy to glide on an epoxy paddleboard. 
  • Inflatables
Inflatables are usually small and can be stored in a relatively small space. They are easily movable and are a great choice if you want to travel with a paddleboard. In conclusion, you should consider a board that’s usable for a variety of paddle activities. I.E you should consider a versatile board. Based on this article, which board would you love to buy? 
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