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Paragliding Above Brajici in Budva, Montenegro

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Exploring the area of Budva on foot and kayaking in the bay of Kotor wouldn’t be enough for me, even for anyone! You wouldn’t want to miss out one of the most famous jumps for paragliding on the Adriatic is right above Budva, in Brajići and 760m above sea level! You’d be in awe of the incredible bird’s view on bay of Budva.

While I was kayaking in the bay of Kotor, I spotted few parachutes soaring in the sky. With the beautiful scenery in mind, I knew I had to seize an opportunity to fly and get an aerial view of the beautiful landscape in the mountains with buildings and fortress walls of Budva.

Yes, I actually went all out and found Montenegro Travel Service to sponsor a paragliding tandem. They were very happy to help out and give me the thrill of experiencing one of the most famous paragliding spots in Montenegro.

It took us a couple of rescheduling because of the unpredictability of the weather. They had to make sure they had the right weather and amount of necessary wind for the best of my paragliding experience. I was grateful for that.

Flying over Beautiful Budva

It was mid-afternoon when the pilot came to my hotel to pick me up for a short jeep safari up the mountains to the take-off area in Brajići.

Montenegro: Paragliding Above Brajići in Budva

I got to tell you that the drive itself was spectacular and it surely allowed me to enjoy the natural beauty of Montenegro as I ascended to the top of the mountain for the take-off. Be sure to sit by the window, so you can contemplate the landscape and scenery while riding up the mountains in the jeep safari.

On the way up, the view I had got me all excited for the flight, but when we arrived at the top, everything clouded up. I couldn’t see the scenery from the take-off area. The pilot had to have me stay put for a while. It was kind of disappointing at first, but the clouds did clear up after a short while though. The pilot apologized for the wait, but I told them that they shouldn’t be sorry for something that was beyond their control. That was when I wished that we had the entire control of the weather. That’d beyond awesome, but hope that could be invented one point in the future.

When the cloud had cleared up, the pilot started unloading the paragliding equipment and setting it up for both of us. I reached out for my GoPro camera and its pole mount to make sure everything was in order for my take-off as I wanted to record and photograph my tandem flight.

Montenegro: Paragliding Above Brajići in Budva

For some reasons, it appeared that I didn’t plug in and recharge my camera properly. It was clear that I wasn’t paying attention while plugging in the recharging usb cord, so it wasn’t fully in plugged in and it was too loose to recharge.

My GoPro camera just didn’t turn on. It was dead. I didn’t want to break the news to the pilot because of all of the work they had done to bring me to the take-off area and they were ready to strap me in for the take-off.

I thought I was doomed until I thought of my iPhone 5s in my pocket. Thank goodness that LifeProof existed, I put away my GoPro camera in the backpack I brought and left it in to the jeep for it to be brought down to my landing spot. I took my LifeProof-protected iPhone 5s out of my pocket and held it firmly.

Montenegro: Paragliding Above Brajići in Budva

I couldn’t be any more thankful of Apple’s top-notch technology in their products, so I was able to take great photos and videos on my iPhone, but I was holding my iPhone with the tightest grip I had ever done in my life because I just didn’t want to slip up and drop my iPhone to a location where I might not be able to find it. I mean it’s my life and I couldn’t afford to lose it during my travels as it is also one of most important way of communication with people I meet in my travels and my loved ones from back home in the States.

Comparing to my experience paragliding over the Oludeniz beach in Fethiye, Turkey, I got to say that this flight was more of a smooth flight for me. The pilot did a little of turns and spins, but it wasn’t as extreme as the one in Fethiyke, Turkey.

As the wind breezed on my face, I enjoyed the beautiful sea surface and panorama of the Riviera of Budva. My jaws were dropped open the entire time. The view was so beautiful and I think the smooth flight made it much more beautiful because I was able to take the time to absorb the surrounding as we soared in the sky as I could see all of the stone walls, landscape and bay of Kotor with different parts of Budva.

Montenegro: Paragliding Above Brajići in Budva

It wasn’t long because we started lowering our flight and preparing for the landing. Right before landing, the pilot did few twists and spins to get my adrenaline pumped. That was quite clever of him because I love ending anything with a bang, and he achieved that 100% with the tricks he did in the air. I actually almost dropped my iPhone 5s, but I gripped it with my life as I filmed.

At last, we landed on the Bečići Beach with my iPhone 5s still in my hands. Such a relief!

Final Thoughts

Flying above beautiful Montenegro is like living a dream that people have been fascinating about for centuries. That’s what makes this sport especially attractive.

Montenegro: Paragliding Above Brajići in Budva

If you’re interested in a bit of a heart-pounding adventure, be sure to go on a tandem flight with Montenegro Travel Service. Keep in mind to take the take off from nearby Budva lies Brajici, which is a hugely popular location for paragliders, who come from all over the place to experience beautiful as they soar through the sky.

Tandem paragliding rides can be arranged easily with them, just give them an email and they’ll be more than happy to book you a tandem flight! Not only that, they got a plenty of activities and excursions with their service.

Montenegro Travel Service

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