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Luxury Hotel with World’s Best Sunset View in Santorini

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A luxury hotel perched on the dramatic cliffs of Oia in Santorini, Canaves Oia Suites offers jaw-dropping views of the caldera and the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Not to mention the best view of world’s most beautiful sunset!

Santorini is considered one of the most beautiful (and romantic) destinations in the world, and with one look at the phenomenal views from the island it is easy to see why! It is located in the southwest of the Cyclades Islands cluster.

I cannot deny how lucky my Grandpa and I are to get this accommodation on a complimentary basis for our final destination of our Eurotrip together! Nonetheless, it has been Grandpa’s lifelong dream to visit Greece and for him to get this type of accommodation for his visit in Santorini is a huge bonus for him!


The Hotel

Boasting a white-washed design, Canaves Oia Suites is a luxury family-owned property with just 25 suites, each with a private pool and stunning views of the caldera and Aegean Sea. This hotel has a touch of contemporary style with Greek architecture, which gave me the sense of being in the past with modern design. It’s like being trapped in two different times at the same time while time-traveling.

Every suite has a large terrace to enjoy the views and exquisite sunsets. Canaves Oia Suites is located right at the start of the town of Oia, making it the perfect location to enjoy lazy days in your private pool, and fun evenings in the town.


This hotel is conveniently just down from the village off the main street. A quick enjoyable 5 minute walk to the main shopping area.

Imagine that this hotel used to be a complex of caves that were built to store and produce wine 400 years ago! It’s wonderful how things work in life.


Anyways, there’s a chic pool-side restaurant/bar serving refreshing drinks and cocktails. Other amenities include a gym, and an open-air spa with massage services. Wine tasting and yoga are offered as well.

Nonetheless, Canaves Oia Hotel is considered one of the finest Santorini luxury hotels in Oia and provides tastefully designed facilities and services to ensure their guests a comfortable, fairytale-like stay.


Staff and Hospitality

The service level we experienced was six star level or better. From the first moment you enter the hotel you immediately know that your stay will be amazing! These people are real professionals! They paid attention to every last detail. Everyone from the housekeeping staff to the restaurant servers did everything possible to make us comfortable. This is notable because the property closes for the winter in just two more weeks.

This hotel is very safe. Only guests can enter the grounds and must have a room key. I cannot express enough how much we loved this hotel and staff.

If you seek extraordinary hospitality in an idyllic setting, friendly attentive staff that makes you feel warm and welcome, this is the place in Oia.


The Infinity Pool Suite

There was a private terrace in front of our room with not only sweeping views of the Caldera, but our very own mini swimming pool, outdoor lounge/bed, and a table with chairs. The room was very spacious with a large walk in bathroom, a walk in closet, a little dining area and couch.


The River Pool Suite

The River Pool Suite is similar to the previous room I stayed at. However, the difference is that I recognized that it is one of a kind river pool Jacuzzi, with a stunning volcanic serenity.
It featured a king bedroom, a separate living room, a spacious bathroom that had a refined ambience. What I appreciated the most is their Jacuzzi, including its heated water that warms up everything. I didn’t get out of the pool for several hours. Due to the season, it was windy outside (around November). I can imagine how hot the weather is during the peak season, it is definitely the perfect spot for enjoying the view with a alcoholic drink in your hand.1G6A4751 
Indeed it’s a dreamy setting that ultimately makes them the best getaway in Santorini. Definition of the best is providing designed facilities and services to ensure that I’m comfortable, you get a fairy-tale feeling when you stay in their authentic luxury hotel! It’s clear that what they offer and how they service is immeasurable. I cannot fathom how often I can mention how amazing their hotel really is.
It’s ideal for all: a solo traveler, families, romantic getaway, and many more. Whoever you are, you are going to be in heaven while you’re staying at their hotel.


The Pool Side Restaurant of the Canaves Oia Suites is open to suite guests only all day long offering a sumptuous breakfast from the buffet or a’la carte menu, lunch with the finest Greek and Mediterranean dishes inspired from authentic traditional specialties and romantic candlelit dinners with a sophisticated culinary choice of fresh fish or lobster. The restaurant also serves snacks and delicious cocktails all hours of the day until the pool closes.

Not kidding, their food were mouth-watering! They were beyond words! Grandpa and I literally melted at every bite we took from our meals.


Grandpa and I ate most of our meals at this hotel when we found out that it is known in the area for its amazing chef. Many locals make nightly reservations here, so the restaurant gets quite busy. I mean, how cool is this place?

Final Thoughts

I will be forever grateful for the chance to spend four nights at this beautiful hotel with my Grandpa.

When we return to Santorini, we’ll only be staying at the Canaves! It truly is a magical destination, and a trip we will never forget.


Canaves Oia Suites


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