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Top 10 Reasons to Visit the Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam isn’t all about prostitutes and pot. It’s beyond that… One of the world’s best known beer brands originates from the Netherlands… Namely, and most prominently – Heineken, the third largest beer company in the world.


As a loyal Heineken customer from the US, I made my way to the Heineken Experience to take part in a brain-washing journey into the world of Heineken and beer-making—for the second time!

Truth to be told, I’d never get tired of coming here. It’s just fun to come here and I got 10 reasons for you as well!

10. Getting Your Picture Taken at the Photo Booth


They seriously got an awesome photo booth where you could slide and switch backgrounds you want to be seen in. I got to admit that they offer most background options comparing to many other brewery tours that I had seen with this feat! Maybe you would have hard time deciding and picking out with your friend,—but hey! I got a solution for you: just take ’em all and you can pick out later. Well, you can’t go wrong with that, huh?

Tip: Be sure to wait for your turn in the line and feel free to ask other tourists to take your pictures for you (and your friends).

9. Learning the History of Heineken


Did you know that Haystack was once the name of beer before Gerard Adriaan Heineken bought it and changed it to Heineken after the first beer was brewed?  No? Well, this is a great part of the tour where you would be able to learn the timeline of their history and how the brewery was passed down generations of the Heineken family.

8. Seeing the Evolution of Beer Bottles


You’d see a line-up of beer bottles that Heineken has designed in their history. I was totally fascinated with the logo designs on the bottles because some of them I actually never thought would have been designed. Many of the bottles were shaped differently and I wish some of there were still in store. I’m not sure about you, but this one definitely got me thinking… Why is beer so important to our humankind history?

7. Being Splashed in the 4D Ride


You will enter a mini interactive movie theater with about 15 other people. You will watch  a man on screen swimming and talking you through the brewing process… Well, literally! — When he fell into the barrel of beer, water sprayed on the audience, the floor shook when the barrel was being stirred, heat lamps came on when it was being boiled, and so forth. I actually felt like I was being brewed! Not kidding! ;P

6. Falling for the Illusions of the Hologram Beer


Oh, yeah! They got few holograms of beer bottle and can. It looked so friggin’ real. Dead serious here. I took the time to analyze the holograms and I couldn’t figure it out. Otherwise, it gave me an idea of what our future had in store for us. I’m not sure if I should be afraid or excited… You tell me.

5. Deejaying at the Heineken Club


I know this doesn’t really matter to you, Deaf people, but this one comes with some awesome blasting lights and colors with vibrations in their beats. It was something that was impossible for me to ignore! If you love showing off your dance moves, you can have your video recorded by their gadgets. The video will be sent to your email.

4. Playing the Heineken Sports


Ah, you could say that they got their own kind of sport. The real Heineken Sport involves a lot of mentality and concentration, I’m telling you! It’s so hard and do you know what you have to do? Draft a perfect pint of Heineken beer. I failed every single time. I don’t I could ever get it right. I guess I have to take bartending classes soon—maybe a crash course of how to draft the perfect pint of beer.

3. Customizing Your Own Heineken Label


You get to custom your own bottle label! It can be your name, dog’s name, or anything you want to be written on the label. The bonus is that you will get to witness your bottle being processed through different phases of printing out the label you designed and sticking it to the bottle. It was a good watch for me!

2. Getting a Taste of the Heineken Experience


This is the part where you will be given a small cup of Heineken to taste. This part was kind of boring because it was mostly voiced by a Heineken employee/guide explaining the essentials of the ingredients in the beer and how to figure it out in the taste. I got to admit that I didn’t even pay attention and then I raised my cup when it was time to cheer and drink with everybody. One of #DeafProblems we have is that we would have to be on top of our toes to catch up any “group activity” that would be conducted by a crowd of people. Besides that, they got some cool gadgets where you would be able to play with to get a better understanding on how it works. It did give me a better insight rather than reading their signs with text descriptions.

1. Rewarding Yourself with a Couple Pints of Beer at the Heineken Bar


In the beginning of the tour, you will receive a rubber bracelet with two buttoned tokens on it that acts as vouchers for the pints of beer at the bar that you will reach at the end of the tour. At the bar, you can either get one pint of Extra Cold tap of Heineken for two tokens or two pints of a regular tap of Heineken for a token each. I got two pints of the regular for one simple reason: the more, the merrier! I’d suggest you to do the same. 😉

My Heineken Experience

This is my second time coming here and I still love it here. I’ve come here with someone who isn’t too fond of beer and they melted when they drank the most fresh tap of Heineken! I even have a few more friends who can affirm that. Even if you aren’t a beer geek like me, you still should give it a visit and you won’t regret it!

The Heineken is 100% my favorite brewery in the world.


However, I got a tip for you Deaf people. I would suggest you to write down a kind note beforehand explaining that you’re Deaf and that you would need a transcript if the tour is voiced in English. If they said they do not, you can explain to them that you wouldn’t feel fair to pay the full price of €17 Euros (~18.50 US Dollars) if you are going to miss out the information that is voiced, which could be important to know. In no time, they would realize that they are not accessible to you, thus they will waive the costs and give you a free ticket and a green rubber bracelet with two vouchers. I’ve done it twice and it worked every time!

Psst… This brewery is only a short walk from the Deaf Club and you should stop by before or after the tour!

The Heineken Experience

  • Address: Stadhouderskade 78, 1072 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Operating Hours:
    • Monday-Thursday, 10:30am – 7:30pm
    • Friday-Sunday, 10:30am – 9:00pm
    • July-August: 10:30am – 9:00pm daily
    • Open 365 days a year
  • Website:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
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