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How to Explore Alaska Without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket

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Alaska is famous for its robust natural beauty. It has huge and untouched wildlife. Alaska has a long past for indigenous people, adventurers, and wilderness-lovers. Instead of huge, dense cities, Alaska is populated with largely small, remote cities and towns.


If you want to travel to go to Alaska, you should be well-prepared. In this article, the wonders of Alaska will be briefly discussed, and some tips that you can try out to make sure you can explore Alaska without burning a hole in your pockets.

Alaska Mountains

Wonders Of Alaska

Since Alaska is huge, its beauty is also great. The relatively small towns in the State are surrounded by a massive, untouched wilderness. The wonders offer the national parks that are among the biggest in the United States and can be enjoyed during hiking, paddling, and fishing in the great outdoors.


Although there are several museums and other tourist attractions in the main cities, the towns can be used to make a more accurate jump-off point for the exploration of the Alaskan wild. 


Alaska offers so much throughout the year and it’s definitely beautiful. Getting and reading an Alaska travel guide is advised when visiting this breathtaking place. They say that each month in Alaska has something special. 


For instance, in the early summer, you will see the Midnight Sun. While if you want to see bears, visit them in July or August. Then, the most amazing part of them all is that you can see the Northern Lights later in the summer and into early fall or even winter! 

Alaska Aurora

How To Go And Explore Alaska With Your Limited Amount of Budget

1. Start Saving Up As Early As Today

Every amount counts. Start saving up as early as today! If you really want to go to Alaska, you need to make a goal of saving a bit of money everyday. Part of the reason why traveling to Alaska costs so much is because it is far from somewhere else. In Alaska, much of what you eat and use has to be flown or brought in. 


This raises the cost that impacts the whole economy: the cost of living is higher, meaning salaries have to be higher, and the cost of delivering the service Alaskans provide is also higher.


Even though it may take years, you would not want to exchange the happiness of going there and afterward getting in trouble with debt. The average traveler in Alaska usually spends a week there, so make sure you bear that in mind.

2. Consider Your Mode Of Transportation

Some choose to take a cruise, a ferry, or even a train while some drive their car or RV to go there. You can choose to take a plane as well because it is the fastest way to get there. Do not worry, Alaska is worth visiting, after all. All have different costs and see which one is the most suitable for you. 


If you plan to rent a car or RV, the average cost amounts to about $50-$150 per day. This will not be too recommended if your location is farther than you thought.


Sometimes, airlines have fare sales that you should look over. It may cost from $500, lower or higher. It really depends on where you are located, so you need to evaluate your distance on the map to see where the checkpoint is.


Cruise liners typically have a number of facilities and provide stops along the way which are tourist spots that you can look out for. Per person, the average cost could range from $400, lower or higher. (These are only estimates, check the necessary websites for these amounts.)


You should purchase it when you find a decent fare appropriate for your budget. Remember that $1,000 round-trip is the average cost per person.

3. Plan the Costs For Your Food, Accommodation, Tours And Even Activities That You Want To Do

If you do not want to feel lost in the end, make sure to set aside money for the 3 things. Accommodation in Alaska may be really expensive especially when it comes to hotels, as there is only a limited amount of it available there. If you want to appreciate nature, you can choose to camp which may cost less or even for free. 


To save costs, it is recommended that you pack your own food and limit yourself. Activities and tours such as entering museums and parks may charge a small fee, so you need to prepare that, too. 


There are many things that you can do there such as hiking, fishing, ice climbing, kayaking and a lot more. It really depends on the season. Bring your equipment and get ready for a nice adventure.

4. Know What Season You Want To Visit

For most people, Alaska’s two most common reasons to visit are summer and winter because of the wonders that happen during those seasons. In the spring and fall, flights and hotels are absolutely cheaper. If you prefer to go there and minimize costs, go during the spring or fall season.


Like no other spot on earth, Alaska offers excellent scenery. That is why, if you already have the budget, do not shove off your Alaska trip plans and make preparations as soon as possible. You don’t want to miss out on the wonders of the area.

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