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Experiencing Florida Like A Local – Here’s How

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The sunshine state is filled with attractions, landmarks, and destinations that any vacationer is going to be able to enjoy. Whether Florida is your favorite destination or if you’re visiting for the first time, you’ll find plenty of things to do other than going to Disneyland and beach hopping. Florida has a lot more to offer to all kinds of travelers, from art museums and safaris to charming little restaurants and state parks. If you’re one among the hundred million that visit Florida every year, make sure you read this article before your next visit so you can enjoy this palm-studded, warm, and super tropical state like a local. 


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Everybody loves a Miami beach, and Florida is the ideal destination for a sunny vacation. However, you will not find many states that offer Kennedy Space Center tours that take you to the moon and back without having to leave earth. You don’t have to stop at Disneyland every time you’re in town; you can surprise your family with a NASA Trip. Enjoy getting to know about the history of NASA from the beginning of exploration to current missions. Take bus tours to spaceports and watch real footage of the stars and planets in Imax theaters. It’s an experience you don’t want your partner or family to miss. 

Marco Islands

No matter how many times you’ve been there, every time you visit Florida, you’re probably torn between staying near some of its dazzling beaches or near its beautiful gardens and parks. Marco Island Resorts will make that an easy decision for you; it allows you to enjoy the best of both Naples and The Everglades, so you’ll be able to shop in the morning, enjoy some sightseeing in the afternoon and get back to your hotel just in time for a much needed pre-dinner nap. It’s also a great place to chill, get relaxing massages, and go fishing. 



The best thing about its resorts is that it is not expensive at all and if you dig deep you’ll find websites with availability, cashback offers, and discounts that will make this trip even more affordable. Look around for resorts and hotels that are in and around the Marco Island area for a unique Florida experience. Make life long memories at its long sandy beaches, gold courts, beautiful marinas, and visit the largest mangrove forest in the country. 

Wolves and Butterflies 

Did you know that Florida’s Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory are home to 50 different species of butterflies? Enjoy seeing the whole life cycle of butterflies as well as learning about their anatomy and physiology while being surrounded by butterfly-friendly flowers, trees, plants, and waterfalls. If butterflies are not your thing, then you can visit The Seacrest Wolves Preserve where you can see and learn about this majestic hunter and see it up close. 

Unique Dinner Dates 

Do you and your partner happen to share a bizarre common interest in murder and solving crimes? When in Florida, make sure you have dinner at the Murder Mystery Train which offers a three and a half-hour train ride filled with mystery crime-solving and a delicious five-course meal, sounds fun, right? You also don’t want to miss eating plenty of seafood at one of Miami’s famous restaurants or mouth-watering street food shacks. What you might not know is that Florida is also the ultimate destination for foodies, so you want to check out a food truck fair, that’s taking place at the same time you’re visiting for an unforgettable food experience. 

Art Fairs 

One of the things you might not know about Florida is that it’s a hub for different artists from all over the world. International art fairs like Art Basel have several annual shows in Florida that showcase photography, sculptures, film, digital, and contemporary art galleries, and they also host important workshops, master classes, and discussions about the art scene all over the world. 

Florida is known as the hometown for the best Cuban food and the ultimate destination for the rich and famous. However, the town has much more to offer its visitors than that, so make sure you explore its best kept secret destinations and activities. Whether you’re on this vacation with family, friends or you’re visiting Miami for your honeymoon, experiencing it like a local will show you a side of the state that you don’t want to miss. Don’t worry, you’ll have the time of your life in Florida; it’s guaranteed because no matter where you are, you’ll never be more than 60 miles away from the ocean.


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