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Dinner at Baltazar Grill and Wine Bar in Budapest, Hungary:

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Hungary: Dinner at Baltazar Grill and Wine Bar in Budapest
If you’re looking for a welcoming place to dine outdoors in Budapest, you’d want to check out Baltazar Grill and Wine Bar. Especially during the summer!

The Baltazar Grill and Wine Bar is a restaurant under the Baltazar Budapest hotel. It’s a little boutique hotel in Buda Castle offering luxurious accommodations that feature creatively designed rooms. A little-known gem at a prime location, close to all the historic sights yet in a peaceful neighborhood.

Hungary: Dinner at Baltazar Grill and Wine Bar in Budapest

At first, I contacted them in the hopes that they would sponsor a few night at their hotel because I found their hotel through reviews and they were positively endorsed. They’re also the 2015 Travellers’ Choice by TripAdvisor and the Best of Budapest by TripExpert. They did agree to offer us a couple of nights at a such short notice, but they weren’t available during the dates of my visit in Budapest.

We end up agreeing to a complimentary meal, dessert, and wine at their restaurant plus a brief tour of their restaurant and wine bar. Hence the review here.

They wanted me to try their World Famous Chicken Paprikash with Buttered Dumplings for the main course of dinner, and then they surprised me with a  dessert, Mille Feuille with Summer Fruits.

Hungary: Dinner at Baltazar Grill and Wine Bar in Budapest

Why the heck not! I’m a foodie and I love trying new things, so I went ahead and came here for dinner.

It wasn’t so hard to find this restaurant. I took a tram to the Castle Hill where you will see the Royal Palace. You just have to get off at Bécsi kapu tér. take a walk onto Nándor u. and then take a right onto Országház u. The restaurant should be on the left. It’s literally by the corner.

Hungary: Dinner at Baltazar Grill and Wine Bar in Budapest

The outdoor dining area gave the sense of lighthearted, modern design with a spice of retro in it alongside their comfy decors. It’s on top of the palace hill, views everywhere you go. It’s like an oasis, but a very groovy one. The interiors were gorgeous with a great hip vibe and atmosphere. I could see how they are themes around the colors red and black.

Hungary: Dinner at Baltazar Grill and Wine Bar in Budapest

While I came in to be seated, I could smell the meat, bread and jam that they were making in the house. Hmm, so good! I could see that they extend so much attention to details of the food to achieve both traditional Hungarian and creative local contemporary.

Hungary: Dinner at Baltazar Grill and Wine Bar in Budapest

The waiter approached me with a friendly and warm-welcoming vibe and asked me whether if I wanted to dine inside or outside. Because of how perfectly cool and sunny it was, I naturally reflexed with my index finger pointing outside from the door. He immediately walked me to my table and kindly allowed me to seat myself.

Wine: Aspirato Isteni Sugallatra 2014

Before I ordered my food, the waiter brought me to the wine bar and I was offered to taste a few selections of their best wine made in Hungary. I asked them to give me the best of Hungary’s and I wanted something that would go well with the main course I was going to have. They picked out few wines and allowed some time for me to switch around wines and taste.

Hungary: Dinner at Baltazar Grill and Wine Bar in Budapest

I decided to go with this white wine: Aspirato Isteni Sugallatra 2014 by Cosbanc Cooperation. They’re a wine manufacturer formed from three wine grower: von Beothy, Toth and Knolmajer cellars. They aim to market their particular wines special to the Mount Csobanc area.

Hungary: Dinner at Baltazar Grill and Wine Bar in Budapest

Truth to be told, this wine definitely went well with the meal I was going to have. I took the time to savor the taste alongside the meal.

Main Course: World Famous Chicken Paprikash with Buttered Dumplings

I gotta tell you this, I felt like my life was easier that I didn’t have to decide as the main course of dinner was already offered and agreed upon beforehand, so the waiter knew my order and proceed to do so.

Hungary: Dinner at Baltazar Grill and Wine Bar in Budapest

As soon as the bowl of the World Famous Chicken Paprikash with Buttered Dumplings arrived, a #foodporn photo op was mandatory for me because it was beautifully presented like an art masterpiece. Even if it weren’t for this review, I would have taken a picture regardless.

Hungary: Dinner at Baltazar Grill and Wine Bar in Budapest

For me to know that they only use Hungarian free range chicken that is especially bred for the restaurant on a small farm in Tolna county, southwest Hungary, made everything even better about this meal. It made me more confident of how fresh their meat had been. I always had been into organic and fresh food produce and meat, but for obvious budget reasons, I went with processed food and whatnot while traveling.

Anyways, my first bite of this meal made my taste buds dance! The chicken was cooked to perfection, so it was so tender and tasty. It melted down my mouth as I chew through it. Definitely 5 stars for this one.

Hungary: Dinner at Baltazar Grill and Wine Bar in Budapest

Besides, there was a bowl of Cucumber Salad for starters, but I didn’t take a picture of it. Oops! I apologize, but I want to mention that their salad was also very good. I liked the flow of taste with the salad and then the main course. Both of the tastes didn’t conflict at all and I enjoyed the starter and main course of the meal very much!

Two thumbs up!

Surprise Dessert: Mille Feuille with Summer Fruits

While I was eating my main course, I grabbed the opportunity to use their free WiFi to reach out to my co-founder, John Hathaway II, to discuss few things on FaceTime. As soon as we connected via FaceTime, it was quite fast and smooth. We started talking, and I filled him in on the delicious meal I was finishing up. The waiter was surely observant, thus he came in at the right time to pick up and bring my empty plate to the kitchen.


Hungary: Dinner at Baltazar Grill and Wine Bar in Budapest

My waiter actually returned with a nice dessert. I never saw this kind of dessert before, so it was new to me, but I was instantly impressed with the appearance. Another perfect art to me. I grabbed my spoon and took the first bite to find out how good it was.

Hmmm! Yummy!

Oh, yes. It was so good. I hadn’t been a sweet-toothed myself, but this dessert was perfect on so many levels. They balanced out the sweetness with the texture just right. John ended up watching me gobbling up the dessert before finishing up our conversation.

My Final Thoughts

I loved everything about this restaurant from the genuinely warm and personable staff to the quality and creativity of the food.

Hungary: Dinner at Baltazar Grill and Wine Bar in Budapest

Especially the staff were very observant with what I do with my food, including many others. They would refill my glass of water when it’s on low. They even did refill my wine when it ran out at no cost, which was very much generous of them. It’s like they knew when is the right time to come and and check in.

If I went on a vacation with my future wife in Budapest, I’d make sure that I take her there! Very nice place in nice area where you can get a good view of the city.

Baltazar Budapest

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