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Eating at Restaurant Prestige in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

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Bosnia & Herzegovina: Eating at Restaurant Prestige in Mostar
Want to treat yourself to a stomach-filling dinner with a spice of luxury? You wouldn’t want to miss out on a two-course meal with Restaurant Prestige. This is in courtesy of Hotel Mepas, a luxury hotel at the Mepas Mall in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

At first, I wanted to find a luxury accommodation under a sponsorship with one of hotels in Mostar to surprise my grandpa on his arrival from a long flight from Austin, Texas, to meet me in Bosnia & Herzegovina for his first time out of country and his lifetime dream to visit Italy and Greece.

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Eating at Restaurant Prestige in Mostar

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Eating at Restaurant Prestige in Mostar

It was unfortunate to find that Hotel Mepas didn’t have any availability to offer, but they offered us to a complimentary dinner for two at Restaurant Prestige. I took the offer because I wanted my grandpa to be treated to something luxury anyways.

The Restaurant

I actually went to Hotel Mepas first, but then they pointed out that the restaurant was located on the fourth floor in the mall that they are connected to.

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Eating at Restaurant Prestige in Mostar

Upon arrival, a kind waiter approached us and then I introduced my name. He didn’t even bother to go into the back to check and confirm. They were clearly communicated in advance, so he just told us that the entire dinner was on the house then asked us where we would like to sit. My Grandpa and I pointed out to a corner in the back as it felt private to us. We wanted a space to ourselves as we catch up with each other.

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Eating at Restaurant Prestige in Mostar

While the waiter was leading us to our table, my Grandpa and I couldn’t take our eyes off their sleek and modern interior design. It was large and very shiny also. The lighting of the entire restaurant was comfortably bright on our eyes. We sat across from each other and we could still see the whole restaurant from where we were sitting.

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Eating at Restaurant Prestige in Mostar

Our table had a nice plate of butter and toast for both to munch on while we waited to order.

Two Bottles of Wine

The waiter started our orders with drinks. My Grandpa wanted to go simple, so he ordered iced tea, but I asked if wine would be included in our dinner. He graciously said yes and then I asked for the best local wine they have in the house.

He started asking us for certain flavors and whether if we wanted white or red wine. I insisted on them picking the best wine for us. The waiter put us on hold and went into the back then brought back few bottles and poured me a few cups of different wines for me to taste. I decided to go with white.

A whole bottle was granted to both my Grandpa and I, which was very generous. I started drinking and then my Grandpa tagged along. He ended up liking the wine.

Vinogradi Nuić

When we were introduced to this alongside our meals, you have no idea how perfect the taste of the wine went with both courses of the meal.

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Eating at Restaurant Prestige in Mostar

Vilinka Žilavka

After a while, the waiter actually came to us to inform us that he had mistaken the wine because he didn’t realize that the management already pointed out a different wine for us to try. Hence the second bottle. I’d say  this was really good and I loved this one. It really went well with the meal. Just like the first one anyways.

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Eating at Restaurant Prestige in Mostar

Besides, both wines are locally made in Bosnia & Herzegovina.


Chicken Caesar Salad

My grandpa ordered this for starters because he wanted something light and he was blown away by the balance of the main ingredients and sauce. He gobbled up the plate within minutes. However, he didn’t eat too fast because no hiccups had occurred, haha!

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Eating at Restaurant Prestige in Mostar

Beefsteak Carpaccio

Main ingredients: beefsteak carpaccio, rocket salad, Grana Padano cheese

Since I had been a foodie, I asked the waiter to pick the dish for me because I am always open to new food and I wanted to try their best. The waiter pointed at this and I just nodded my approval. In the end, the waiter definitely knew his stuff as the whole plate melted into my mouth while I consumed each bite. It was a food-orgasm for me. My favorite part was the cheese and the raw meat.

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Eating at Restaurant Prestige in Mostar

Main Course

Herzegovinian Pan

Main ingredients: sautéed veal and onions, potatoes

My grandpa loves meat himself and, clearly, he has tried a variety of meat in his long lifetime—he’s 72 years old. At his first bite, he gave the veal two thumbs-up, plus the potatoes on the side had a nice balance to his taste as he mentioned while we caught up on the news of my family in Austin. We both have a big Deaf family, and of course a lot happened while I had been traveling.

Anyways, bottom line: he’d recommend this if anyone planned to come here.

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Eating at Restaurant Prestige in Mostar

Beefsteak Gourmet Style

Main ingredients: beefsteak, creamy cheese sauce, shrimps, potatoes croquettes

After trading a bite to taste each other’s dishes, my grandpa believed that he had the better dish than mine, but I disagreed. Mine was amazingly delicious as I chew through the steak with creamy cheese sauce. Meat and cheese would be the best combination to any meal, in my opinion. Everything exploded in my mouth and I loved how creamy the meat would become while chewing with the cheese sauce. The croquettes on the side were a perfect combination to the meat. Great texture. I often mix them up to share and let the taste bomb through my mouth.

Now all way to the point, comparing both meals is like comparing orange and apples, so I’d say both are great in their own ways and I’d recommend either to anyone who plans to go.

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Eating at Restaurant Prestige in Mostar

Final Thoughts

Everything was on very high and professional level. Staff were very friendly and communicative. Dishes were fabulous and you will not stay hungry.

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Eating at Restaurant Prestige in Mostar

Bottom line: great food, nice selection of wine – both international and local, and good waiter. All in all an enjoyable and pleasant evening for me and my Grandpa.

Hotel Mepas

Restaurant Prestige

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