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Top Water Sports & Activities in Boracay, Philippines

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We all know that Boracay is one of must-see destinations in the Philippines. You can’t have a complete Boracay experience without trying at least one of the many waters activities. You will enjoy your stay at this must-see destination in the Philippines, if you try those exciting water sports and activities awaiting you on the shore.

When I was finished with FlyBoard and two other extreme watersports,  Julius knew someone from BIA Watersports, one of merchants under Book Below Zero. He gave them a call to ask them if they would also sponsor their water activities.


They agreed.

We boated to another station. The moment I stepped on the station, the manager actually welcomed me as if I were his son returning from college. He was so warm and friendly!

He grabbed a sheet of paper and started writing to me. He offered me the 15-minute paragliding ride. Without any question, I took the offer.

Before boarding the speedboat, I filled out few paperworks and signed off the waivers.


They got me joining a speedboat with another couple that were about to have their 15-minute ride too.

The couple went first, so I waited. I actually took the time to nap.


Well, you actually thought i’d take the time to nap whereas i could have took time to watch the couple have their excitement and enjoy the breeze from the wind while i appreciate the beauty of the island waters


You’re funny.

Of course, I didn’t nap.

Anyways, I was chilling on boat and one of boat crew approached me and told me that he was a professional photographer and he could take pictures on my DSLR for him. So, I grabbed the time to show him few things about my camera While waiting for the couple to finish their ride. He was very familiar with it, so it wasn’t long for him to understand and pick up.

When it was finally my turn, the crew got me securely strapped up and attached to the parasail.

I nicely asked them if I could bring my GoPro with me and they said yes. Perfect!


I was thrilled because some other activities did not allow. Not only that, in my past experiences with certain activities at spring break destinations in the caribbean, they didn’t allow it.

The boat started speeding up and the winds were strong, I took off the boat’s dock.

As I reached the maximum height, I blown away by the breathtaking view around us. I saw the entire island of Boracay beneath us and it was absolutely amazing. i could see the people partying at the bars near the shore. there were few other boats doing parasailing too.


Watching the sunset was also a huge bonus for me.

It was just a perfect time for me to think about myself and appreciate the nature in silence.

I looked up to the parachute and it gave me a huge smile with its smiley face, so I smiled back. 😉

15 minutes was up, so the boat started tugging me back onto the dock and stripped me out of the straps.

The boat crew was friendly and constantly conducts safety checks to ensure that everything was ok before parasail.

For me, it wasn’t exactly an adrenaline rush like I had back at the sky experience adventure, but it was definitely worth it. it would be generally great for people who love sightseeing and want to see the bird’s view of beaches, island, nature and the sky and have time to think to themselves in silence.


Other than that, I’d still recommend it.

Rates for 15 minutes:

  • 2,300 PHP per person for Solo
  • 1,700 PHP per person for Double


Funny thing about this part was that the manager originally thought I only wanted to try one activity.

When I arrived to the station from parasailing, the manager gave me thumb-ups as if he was asking me if I had fun.

I gave him an A-Ok gesture and then a thumb-up


He gave out that look that he was glad. He gestured asking me if I was ready to go back to my hostel.

I nodded my head with a humble smile on my face.

“Are you happy with the experience you had?” he wrote down on a piece of paper to me.

“Yeah, but I was hoping that I could also try different activities…”

In that moment I assumed he’d probably give me one more activity.

“You can!” He wrote to me. Then he gestured to me as if he were saying, “What the heck, you can try them all!”

Oh, yes! I jumped and shouted in my head.

“What? Sure!” I made an exaggerated nod. I kindly grinned and thanked him tremendously. He was totally cool about it and had me riding the jetski next.

He asked me if I knew how to jet-ski by myself to make sure. I told him that I did, but I never had done it on the ocean. I only had done it on lakes. I knew jet-skiing would be different on ocean because riding on lake would be easier as it’s naturally flat (except when boats or other watercrafts are around making it wavy), but the ocean is wavy.

He understood and he was glad that I knew how, but he still was required to give me a briefing and demostration. He sent one of his crew to Jet-ski.


I hopped on the Jetski behind the crewman who was going to ride it. Pretty much, he just showed me how to accelerate and brake. Then he went in rounds to show me where their floating cones were to communicate with me that I couldn’t go any farther than the cones. I was to stay in the area.

I understood and complied to their rules.

At last, the crewman got off and I took over the Jetski.

When I started heading out, the ride wasn’t so bad, but for a moment it became very bouncy and I almost lost control of the Jetski. I kind of forgot to expect it as it was my first time riding on the ocean. I slowed down a bit then start speeding up and kept an eye on the waters and waves, so I could make drifts and turns to avoid or even bounce of them for some adrenaline rush.

From there, I started to enjoy drifting and speeding around the arena. I saw few other young riders on Jetski speeding recklessly and past the floating cones. It was clear that they had been drinking. Nothing I could do about it, but to focus on myself and ensure I keep my distance from them for my own safety.

I went in rounds with plenty of speed, I loved the wind going through my hair and on my face.

The crew waved letting me know that my 15 minutes was up. I slowed down and docked the station.

I got off the Jetski with a huge smile on my face knowing the fact that I finally checked off riding the Jetski on the ocean, especially in the Philippines.

Rate for 15 minutes:

  • 1,500 PHP per person


Truth to be told, this one was the most exciting one of all.

It’s like banana ride, but a lot BIGGER and it comes with some adrenaline rush. You’l probably need to use all of the strength in you. I’m not kidding.

They got a huge, enormous inflatable watersled with one large main tube on the front (horizontally) with three banana tubes vertically attached to the main tube as seats.


At least three people (up to five) were supposed to be riding the FlyFish, but they bended the rule for me because there wasn’t any other guests who would join me. So, the manager had one of the crew join me and ride on the other side whereas I took the other side leaving the middle seat empty.

I had no idea of what to expect, so I boarded the FlyFish with my GoPro, the crew actually ran to me and urged me to not bring my GoPro. I obeyed and gave them my GoPro.

Then I took off.

As the boat gains speed, the FlyFish started going up against the air. It felt like it was going to flip over me and I kept holding with my ass all over the place losing control of my body.

The FlyFish literally launched in the air and began gliding. The crewman and I were like feathers to the FlyFish. We had to watch out for each other to keep the FlyFish in balance.

It was like riding a wild horse in the ocean.

The manager was on the boat and he bursted out laughing as the Flyfish bounced back on the water where I slapped my body and face into the tube.


He went in turns making it hard for me to stay on. I kept on my grip. Adrenaline began rushing through me and my heart was pumping hard. I just didn’t want to fall off while I was in the air. I overthink sometimes, okay?

I looked over to my side and saw the crewman shouting out to the manager. Clearly, I didn’t understand, but it didn’t bother me and I looked back to the boat front of us.

Obviously, the crewman was trying to toss me off, so he told the manager to floor it and turn instantly.

Before I knew it, the momentum of turn from the boat got the FlyFish launching into the air sideways.

I lost my grip and I was wiped out big time. The FlyFish was so huge that I actually bounced into another banana tube in the middle then into the rubber floor. I had no control of my body and I was actually spinning backwards into the water.

I surfaced up the water laughing. The first thing the manager did was ask me if I was okay. I gave them the A-Ok gesture. He started laughing along with me. Clearly, he just wanted to see me get tossed off. Haha!


Ride was over.

This was by far the most grueling water sports I had ever experienced!

After the activity, I realized how tiring it was. But it was really exciting and mind-blowing experience.Getting wiped out was another great experience. Honestly, if They didn’t go crazy fast one me and I didn’t fall, the activity wouldn’t be as exciting. It could be boring or corny. This was just one great experience that I’ll never forget.

Rates for 15 minutes:

  • 400 PHP per person (3 people minimum)
  • 1,500 PHP per ride (5 people)

Banana Ride

This was the last water activity of the day.

The same crewman who rode with me on the FlyFish went on the banana with me. I sat in the front and he was behind me. The boat pulled us in a direction of 8 loop, but it wasn’t going to too fast because there were an increase in the number of boats nearby.


Yahoo! I stood up on the banana like I was riding on a horse with only one hand.

For the most of the time, the crewman and I were just whooping. I let the breeze blow through my hair. I love the air.

There was nothing too adrenaline about the ride for me, but it was surely fun and exciting for me.

I think it would have been more fun if you rode with 11 other people because you would be balancing with them on the ride while the boats turns. You would have many more laughs when you see your friends get wiped out from one of turns on the ride.

Otherwise, I’d still recommend it.

Rate for 15 minutes:

  • 250 PHP per person

The Return Afterwards….

The manager was so kind that he gave me a free boat ride back to the beach near the Second Wind Bunk, Bed and Breakfast where I was staying.


During that boat ride with the manager, a huge wave were heading for us. I wasn’t expecting it, but the manager headed for it.

In a blink, the boat launched into the air and then slammed back and wobbled on the water.

As soon as the boat found its balance and got steady. The manager was rolling on the floor laughing at me.

Ok, ok, okay! You got me again, that was one of my exaggeration.

He wasn’t on the floor, but he was laughing and I was laughing along. He surely knew how to make funny out of little things. His presence were always positive and he sent out great vibes. That’s what I loved the most about him throughout this entire experience.

Boy, I was so pooped that I threw my head into the pillow the first thing I arrived at the hostel.

If I had to pick a favorite out of all four activities, what would it be?

Remember, I’m an adrenaline junkie and I love challenging and daring activities myself. So, if it were up to me personally, I’d pick the FlyFish in a heartbeat.

But I enjoyed all activities regardless! I’d recommend you to all activities for certain reasons:

  • If you’re the kind of person who enjoys simple sightseeing, beautiful views, etc., then I’d recommend parasailing.
  • If you’re with family or a group of friends and you all want to have together at the same time, then the banana ride
  • If you’re the kind of person who likes having their own power to control their own rides, then Jetski is for you.
  • If you’re an adrenaline junkie like me, FlyFish all the way!

BIA Watersports

  • Address: Station 1, Barangay Balabag, Boracay Island
  • Operating Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am to  6pm
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Facebook:

(Please note that their official website is down and their Facebook page has not been active since November 2012. You can redirect to their page on Book Below Zero’s official website and book through them.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by BIA Watersports. I received a free package that includes all water activities they have in exchange of this blog review. All opinions are my own.

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