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A guide to Indonesia’s Most Beautiful Islands

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If you’re looking for your next adventure, we advise you to explore Indonesia. The world’s biggest archipelago with over 3000 inhabited and uninhabited islands. It is a true gem of nature, and it is a shame that people are not visiting it more. We’re not talking only about Bali, there are other equally exotic islands around this popular gem, like Lombok, the spice islands, Flores…

Indonesia is best discovered on a private charter cruise. These amazing vessels offer custom-tailored journeys and will take you to the most remote parts of the beautiful archipelago. In the following article, we will try to put in words what it is like to embark on a journey to Indonesia’s most beautiful islands. Each of them is worth exploring and will allow for a life-changing experience. Let’s dive in!


“Copyright: Unsplash | CC0 Public Domain”

Indonesia’s most beautiful islands


We’ll be starting the list with the most famous island amongst them all. Bali is a perfect romantic getaway destination, and it can also be a great place to relax by yourself or with friends and loved ones. There are many things that you can do out there. For example, you can always go diving, swimming, snorkeling in the crystal clear waters, and you can also relax on the never-ending sandy beaches. Sounds like a dream come true! 

For all the adventure seekers out there, you can also go on hikes, biking, and see some astonishing views of nature. Bali has modern nightlife as well, so you can go out partying and dancing the warm nights away. Remember, expect lots of crowds there, since it is the most famous destination of them all. 

Komodo Island

If you’re not familiar with the Komodo dragon, you better do your homework beforehand. It is one of the largest lizards on the planet, and its natural habitat is Komodo Island. You’ll be totally safe from them, as long as you stick to the group and listen to the tour guide. But, outside of the Komodo National park, there are tons of other things to do.

For instance, you can hike and find some great, private places that will offer you intimacy and space to relax before returning to your group. You can also go snorkeling and see some beautiful coral reefs, fish with different colors… but, if you want to relax and sit on the beach the whole day, you do that!


Flowers are unique and beautiful, and so is this island. Flores is the perfect place to spend some great time, and learn a lot about culture. What makes this island so special is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit and live with the locals. There are also some wonderful sights that will leave you speechless, such as Kelimutu Lake.

While in Flores, you get to stay with locals, eat with them, work side-by-side with them. But, you also get to have tons of fun and free time to relax. You can always go swimming, diving, snorkeling… because of the hiking trails you can go on long walks, but if you want to, you can always walk on those long beaches along the coast. It is the perfect combination between culture, tradition, and relaxation. 

Gili Islands

A group of three islands, with Gili in their names. But, as much as they are similar, they are that much different from one another. The only thing connecting them besides the name is their beauty. Gili Trawangan is the first of the three, and it is the modern one. The second one is Gili Meno, a paradise for adrenaline-driven people. The smallest one is Gili Air and it is the most romantic place on the planet. You can get the perfect romantic getaway with your significant other. 

Even though the islands are separate, you can visit them all in one day, getting the romantic trip, the adrenaline rush, and topping it off with a great night out in one of the most popular clubs in Gili Trawangan. It is a deal that is hard to resist, and you will have the time of your life. 

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“Copyright: Unsplash | CC0 Public Domain”

The Spice Islands 

We cannot finish the list without including the Spice Islands. They are the place from where mace, cloves, and nutmeg originate. People found them and started bringing them to other countries, and the Spice Islands soon became really famous for it. Don’t forget to get yourself a pack of all of them when leaving, because that rich aroma and irresistible taste are hard to find outside. 

The spice islands also offer some wonderful sights and adventure as well. What makes them so popular is that there is a diversity of cultures, traditions, religions, but still, people stick together and live along. That makes the islands a perfect place to spend some time, learn, and be accepted. Also, if you ever get the chance to visit the place, try some of the traditional recipes including nutmeg- the locals really know what they are doing with it!

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