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8 Tips to Make Money and Have Fun While Doing It!

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Anything can become a chore if you let it. The easiest way to have fun while you make money is to challenge yourself, re-frame what you have to do or turn it into a game. It helps if you have a larger goal beyond just “making money,” too. Exactly how much money are you trying to make? What are you going to do with it? Are you going to travel? Buy a house? Having an answer to those questions will help you zone in on your motivation and stay productive.

Outside of a day job, you have a lot more freedom. That freedom can easily be used to up the fun factor of your money making activities in every possible way. You can choose who you work for, who you work with, when you work, and what you work on. The following list will help you pick the best way for you to start making money, in the most fun way for you, as soon as possible.

Create a Way to Get Paid to Learn New Things

If you love to learn, there are plenty of opportunities available to help you do that- all while making money. Freelance writing allows you to get paid to research and write about your interests. Transcription, typing out recorded audio, will enable you to learn from experts in just about any field imaginable while you build your typing skills and earn money. Part-time paid internships and apprenticeships are also valid opportunities.

Level up Your Skills By Teaching Them

If you already have skills of any kind, you could teach them. This could mean putting out your shingle and offering lessons or tutoring. It could also mean creating a digital course. Unlike teaching a physical class, creating a digital class or course can be done in your free time, whenever you want to work on it.

One once you have all the audio, video, and coursework created and packed in a digital format, the courses can be uploaded to websites like Udemy or your website. Once it’s online, your course is available to anyone in the world that has internet access- for a price.

Make the Most of Your Time on Social Media

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If you already have a big social media following or even if you just signed up for your first account, you have the opportunity to earn from these platforms. From promoting the products you love to being paid to promote big brands, your earning potential is limited only by the amount of time you spend.

Combine Your Day Job (Or Your Side Gig) With a Hobby

Most workplaces have some form of educational incentive. It might just be enough for you to go to a few classes a year, but if you love your career, why not make the most of it? On the flipside, if you aren’t a fan of your job or if you have a lot of downtime, make the most of it.

Take up photography and get some great shots of your workday life. If you get to travel, find the best places to eat and review them. If you work from home and need to get out more, consider driving for Uber or Lyft with Hyrecar.

Create and Sell Your Art, Digitally

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More so than any other item on this list, you’re going to have to put the effort in here. However, if you feel that you are an artist at heart and genuinely want to earn from your work, then there are countless ways to do that, directly and indirectly.

If your art is music, you can publish and sell tracks from a multitude of online platforms in minutes. In the same span of time, you can offer your compositions to be licensed for online content and offline media. If you prefer writing to composing, publishing everything from a short story to a poetry anthology can be done through platforms like CreateSpace.

With this method, the more quality art you create, the more you can make over time. Even better, if you take a break, you can still earn royalties as digital copies of your work continue to sell.

Create a Service Around What You Love to Do

If you love shopping, create a personalized shopping service. Love to cook? Consider partnering with a local restaurant to create a catering service. Plan the best parties on a shoestring budget? Show other people how to put together their own wedding packages and save thousands. If you work well with others and have skills that can be shared, go for it.

Create Your Own Personal Platform

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Have something you want to share with the world? Start building a platform. It can be a blog, a podcast, or a column in your local paper. Whatever it is, if you have something to say, there’s a way to be paid for saying it.

Make a Product You Love to Use

Do you bake peanut-free dog treats because your terrier has allergies? Or have a secret lip balm recipe that keeps sensitive lips from cracking in the dead of winter? Whatever solutions you’ve made to fix your problems could work just as well for someone else. The more specific, the better.

Handmade and homemade aren’t off-putting factors. They can make your brand stand out in a good way. Websites like Etsy thrive because of small brands with a personal touch. One of those could be yours.


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