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6 Reasons You’ll Fall in Love With Naples, FL

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For a city to be named the healthiest city in America twice in a row, it’s probably got very good reasons for that. Those who are not familiar with the city of Naples, FL might get themselves up to speed by knowing that it’s a sunny locale that combines cosmopolitan circles and shopping districts with great food, in addition to having a lot of outdoor activities that one can enjoy, such as fishing and golfing. Florida is already a peaceful and tranquil state, and the city of Naples takes all of what makes Florida magical and condenses it even more. From award-winning beaches to international cuisine restaurants, you’ll find many reasons to fall in love with the city of Naples.


1. Great Beaches

One of the reasons Naples is such a known tourist destination in Florida is the great beach settings. The great weather that engulfs Naples all year round with warm sunshine and fresh air breeze makes you want to spend your entire day at the beach. With over 10 miles of clean and sandy beaches, you’ll find no hard time falling in love with the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico washing against your legs on the shore. The Travel Channel designated the beach of Naples as the Best Beach in America, so expect nothing short of a perfect experience.


2. Glamorous Hotels and Condos

Since Naples has the best beaches in America, it’s not wild to expect it also has the best hotels. Waterfront properties in Naples are extremely popular and loved by locals and tourists alike. If you happen to be in the mood for a luxurious yet local experience, you’ll want to look for a Naples condo that offers you an all-around rich and unique environment. The closer you are to the beach, the more fun you’ll have. If you’re looking for premium luxurious poolside fun, the hotels of Naples leave nothing to be desired. From the Ritz to the Naples Grande Beach Resorts, you’ll find no shortage of award-winning hotels that can make your vacation truly spectacular.


3. Nature

The city of Naples is encompassed by areas of amazing natural essence, and most prominently the Everglades National Park, which is the largest subtropical wilderness in the US. Naples appreciates and understands the natural treasure that it’s surrounded with, which is why there is no shortage of organizations, groups, and NGOs making sure that the city doesn’t lose its natural magic. There are many protected areas that could dazzle you with their beauty, such as the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge, Naples Botanical Gardens, and many more. If you enjoy spending your time outdoors in nature, you’ll easily fall in love with this city.


4. Dining and Shopping

In the city of Naples, dining and shopping are known for their great synergy for both locals and tourists. You’ll have no trouble getting the best of the local experience while enjoying fine dining and award-winning restaurants. There are over 45 waterfront shops and dazzling waterside cafes, in addition to being known for their brand names in the luxury retail industry. Even the shopping experience will feel unique thanks to the landscape that contains tens of thousands of tropical plants and flowering shrubs.


5. Golfing

Florida is already known for its extensive golf courses, and Naples is home to over 80 amazing golf courses. You might say that Naples is one of the golf capitals of the world. A lot of golf courses are open to the public and if you’re a professional golfer, you’ll find some of the most renowned exclusive golf clubs. The majority of golf courses take advantage of the beautiful natural landscape of Naples and offer you one of the great golfing experiences ever.


6. Fun Events


Since more visitors are expected during the winter for the lovely unparalleled weather Naples enjoys, more festivals are held at this time to attract the attention of activity-loving tourists. Other than the amazing culture and the fancy theaters, you can enjoy festivals such as Art in the Park if you enjoy playing with your hands and indulging in crafts. If you are a movie enthusiast, you have the option to attend the Naples International Film Festival. There is also the Naples Grape Escape and Craft Beer Festival. If your flight happens to be scheduled close to Christmas, don’t forget to catch a glimpse of the beautiful Christmas tree lighting ceremonies in Fifth Avenue South and Third Street.


Whether you are a fan of hot cocoas and getting cozy in front of a fireplace, or lazy sunbaths are your favorite hobby, science has proven that winter blues are a real thing. Almost every one of us gets affected by the gloomy, grayish, cold weather. In Naples, you can wave goodbye to ice and snow, even in the winter as it never snows! It gets colder in the winter, but you can rest assured that the weather is almost always sunny, warm, and refreshing. 

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