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6 Exquisite Holiday Destinations You Should Visit in 2021

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With summer just around the corner, it is time to pack up your suitcases and get ready for a vacation that seems like it’s long overdue. The last year has been tough with a global pandemic that has limited travel options, but with the vaccine, prime travel destinations are opening up all over the world. The world is rapidly adapting in terms of safety measures and standard operating procedures so your only concern right now should be where to book your next ticket to. 

Worry not! We have compiled a list of 6 of the most exquisite holiday destinations for you to visit in the summer of 2021.
6 Exquisite Holiday Destinations You Should Visit in 2021
  1. Kenya, Africa

When you hear Africa, your mind might not link it to an ideal vacation spot, especially in the summers. The continent, however, has a lot to offer. From pristine, white beaches to exotic wildlife, towering buildings, and breathtaking skylines, Africa has it all. Even though Kenya has stopped visas on arrival for tourists, the process is still relatively easy.  With wide expanses and greenery, Kenya has made itself even more appealing during the pandemic and with the construction of new hotels, it is the perfect place to get away from the mundane city life and experience wildlife at its finest. You can go on one-in-a-lifetime safaris and stay at hotels that offer you direct interaction with exotic animals. Imagine sitting down to have breakfast at the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi and looking over to see giraffes casually strolling around the back garden.  Boutique hotels in Kenya have also made it possible to enjoy a safe yet luxurious vacation. With all this to offer and more, Kenya is definitely on our list of places to travel to this summer.

  1. Dominican Republic

An island tucked away in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is a place you will definitely want to visit. It offers a multitude of scenic views, consisting of savannahs, rainforests, beaches, and even mountains all neatly packed into compact geography. It has a rich cultural heritage to offer and people who travel to the Dominican Republic have nothing but praises for its people and its places. With high-end resorts and hotels popping up, the place offers a safe, scenic, and budget-friendly vacation option especially for a last-minute vacation as it does not require a visa for a visit less than 30 days. You must, however, get a tourist card which you can get on arrival.

  1. Pulau Merah, Java, Indonesia

Compared to the overcrowded, more expensive Bali (also in Indonesia) this place is still flying under the radar of mainstream tourists and offers the same experience only less crowded and more relaxed. If you are looking to get away from your normal life and be less connected, this is where you should go to realign yourself with nature and truly take some time off. The soft, sandy beaches and friendly waves make it a hub for surfers, both beginners, and more experienced sportsmen alike. A three-hour drive away from Plengkung, this is exactly the place you want to visit if you are looking to find yourself and to become one with nature. You will find the people laid back and easygoing. Pulao Merah offers the perfect escape, and sometimes that is all you need.

  1. New Zealand

Visiting this small country on the other side of the world sure seems like an adventure and this place has long been on the list for all Lord of The Rings fans. Recently, however, the country is making headlines for its exceptional way of dealing with the pandemic, becoming one of the first countries to manage and curtail the virus completely, making it absolutely safe for tourists. New Zealand has been described as one of the most beautiful and unique places in the world; where one can experience all four seasons in one day. How often can you say that! With activities like boogie boarding down 90 ft sand dunes and going on customized Lord of the Rings tours (that is where the movies have been filmed), a vacation in New Zealand promises fun for all age groups. 

  1. Slovenia

If you are a true foodie who loves to travel and try different local cuisines, Slovenia is the country for you. Located next to Italy, it has been overlooked by most tourists who tend to gravitate towards the obvious mainstream European vacation destinations. Recently, however, Slovenia has been coming up on the Radar because of its efforts to become environmentally conscious and also because it has been called the “European Region of Gastronomy for 2021” because of the 7 Michelin stars 6 of its restaurants have received. Do you need more reason to go? The restaurants in Slovenia are upping their game and with the recent addition of a floating glamping hotel near the Vineyards at Vipava Valley, it is quickly becoming a must-visit destination in 2021. 

  1. Maldives

Last but certainly not least, a timeless classic especially for honeymooners and beach lovers; the Maldives Islands. Visa on arrival for tourists and the construction of new and luxurious hotels, the Maldives is the first place you would think to visit especially if you are a fan of water sports and private beaches and islands. Live like the 1% for a few days with your own villa on a private beach, jetting around on yachts, and enjoying candlelit dinners on beaches. Perhaps the most exciting news for tourists is that the country has started offering complementary PCR tests for its tourists. 

6 Exquisite Holiday Destinations You Should Visit in 2021

Everyone is looking forward to taking a break and relaxing to recover from the past year. With mobility heavily restricted, lockdowns and shelter in place protocols have severely impacted everyone’s mental health. A holiday can certainly help in giving you some semblance of normality once again in life. There is no doubt that travel and vacations are starkly different from 2 years ago but as things return to normalcy slowly yet surely, it is important to decide the best place for you to visit to take that time off that you deserve. So book your tickets and kick your feet up, we have got you covered. 


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